10 Ways To Beat The Heat (& Have Some Fun)

Summer is still in full swing, and this can lead to some long and hot days where no one feels like doing anything. Don’t worry, though: we know some cool ways that families can beat the heat and have some fun, too!

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From DIY projects and food recipes to ideas for weekend getaways, these 10 things will keep everyone from overheating. They will also provide some unique entertainment and will make the season seem better than ever! So get ready to cool off and make some memories, thanks to these affordable and smart ways to pass the time.

10 Slip & Slide

One of the neatest ways to cool off is by making a slip and slide in the backyard! Many of us may have grown up with one of these, and we have fond memories of gliding and diving all over the place with our friends and/or siblings.

Now, with our kids, we can either buy one, or we can make one; by using a tarp and a water hose, endless hours of fun can be created in an instant. You can even add some soap for bubbles, sprinklers for more water, and inflatables for some obstacles to go through.

9 Water Balloons

Another go-to summer activity is a water balloon fight! Most stores and online shops have great big bundles of these for super cheap, and an attachment is included; just connect it to the kitchen sink or the water hose outside, fill up these colorful guys, and let the whole family battle it out.

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This not only is a super way for everyone to spend quality time together, but it is also a super way to get in some physical activity, and of course, it will feel super refreshing, too.

8 Swim Lessons

Kids can also learn valuable skills while having fun in the sun, as well, so consider swim lessons. Whether you choose to go to a community center, turn to a neighbor or family member who teaches swimming, or you want to do this yourself, it's a good idea.

There may even be some older kids or adults in the family who need lessons or a refresher course on certain moves, so we highly recommend this activity as another fabulous way to beat the heat this summer!

7 Go To A Water Park

After everyone in the family knows how to swim, everyone can head to a water park! Yes, this is definitely a good move, since a day at one of these spots can make for some great family memories. There are an array of rides, pools and attractions to enjoy at water parks, and this places exist to keep people out of the sun and having some fun.

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Plus, as an affordable lunch option, you can pack lunches for your whole family to enjoy. Nothing is better than a sandwich and some chips after working up an appetite on the water slides.

6 Homemade Ice Cream

Speaking of food, why not cool off during this warm season by making some homemade ice cream? Some families have specific recipes that have been passed down for years (like grandma’s vanilla ice cream with pecans... yum). Some people enjoy finding unique concoctions online (which may involve ingredients like cookies or candies).

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Some people may have simple steps (to cut down on the time, money and energy put into this activity) that allow the whole family to join in on creating this sweet treat. However it is made, it will certainly be enjoyed by the whole family, and it's the perfect way to beat the heat.

5 A Water Table

Water tables seem to be all the rage right now, and it is not too late to order one or pick one up for the kiddos. There are a variety of them out there, but most water tables have little pools for boats, slides for toy cars, and wheels that kids can pour water into. These are all really neat sensory-related attachments that kids love.

Kids of all ages will enjoy getting creative with these tables, and they will be learning skills, such as teamwork, engineering, artistry and about buoyancy, while doing so.

4 Take A Trip To The Water

Another way to get out of the house this summer is to head to the water! As mentioned, the sun is out in full force on hot summer days, but a day in the great outdoors can be okay if water is involved, such as a lake, pool, or the ocean.

Think of all the family fun that can be had while fishing and having a picnic at a nearby pond, or while playing Marco Polo at the community swimming pool, or while building sandcastles at a nearby beach. These all sound like excellent ideas for the whole family!

3 DIY Popsicles

What about making some DIY popsicles? Of course, anyone can pick some of these up at the grocery store or buy them from the ice cream truck, but there is something amazing about making them from scratch.

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And once again, the internet is full of recipes, whether someone wants a chocolate-y one or a fruity one. There are even popsicle molds that exist, so children can experiment by pouring and placing different ingredients in, to see which flavors turn out to be the best.

2 Run Through A Sprinkler

As we near the end of this list, we want to remind everyone of one of the easiest and most classic ways to cool off: by running through a water sprinkler! For years and years, people of all ages have enjoyed the summer season a bit more, just by adding in this simple backyard activity.

It may be done once, after a workout or a sports practice, to get rid of the sweat, or it could be done over and over, as kids make a game out of it and are keeping themselves from getting too warm.

1 Indoor Fun (Under A Fan)

Of course, a family does not have to go outside to have fun, and when it comes to staying cool, it is wise to stay inside. That being said, we encourage everyone to spend quality time together, under ceiling fans, during these warm months. Read a story. Put a puzzle together. Create art together. Look through old photographs together.

There are tons of indoor activities that people of all ages can enjoy, and these should definitely be utilized in order to grow together, learn together and stay cool together!

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