Watching 'Paw Patrol' Can Benefit Kids In A Big Way

It's not easy to find a show for our kids to watch that meets some of our very specific criteria. First and foremost, it has to be age-appropriate, right? No violence or bad language or scenarios that are going to inspire a million and six questions right at bedtime. it should be entertaining, but not too entertaining, because we want to be able to drag our kids away from the TV before their brains leak out of their ears. It needs to not be annoying, since lord knows we'll be watching it along with them most of the time.

But more than anything, we want the shows our kids watch to do more than just keep them occupied for a few hours. Ideally, the show will teach them lessons about kindness, empathy, responsibility, and being a good person. So how many shows actually do that?! Well, according to child development expert Maureen Healy, Paw Patrol checks off the most important boxes. Healy says that watching Paw Patrol can actually benefit your kids in a big way.

If you've ever watched an episode of Paw Patrol, you might notice that the show is pretty repetitive. Each episode follows the same formula: catchy-bordering-on-annoying songs, some sort of rescue mission, and the pups saving the day. While the repetition can get annoying for parents, that's actually one of the big reasons Paw Patrol and other shows like it are so great for kids. The plot always has a conflict and a resolution, which can help children feel better.

The predictability, says Healy, helps kids feel safe in their expanding, unpredictable worlds. They're learning that when there's trouble, there are always people around who can help. These types of shows help give kids the confidence to be able to reach out for help when they need it.

Repetition is a huge part of helping little minds develop and grow. It's why educators repeat the same letters and numbers over and over again to help kids learn. It's also why songs geared toward kids are simple and repeat the same lyrics and beats. When you pair that beneficial repetition with the values that Paw Patrol embodies, you get a pretty awesome show for younger kiddos.

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