Watch Out, Wasps Are Apparently Drunk And Angry This Time Of Year


Well, this certainly sounds ... alarming. Listen, summer is great and all, but the one thing we wish we could change about it is all the bugs. The flies, spiders, beetles, and bees that invade our yards and homes can really put a damper on a fun summer day!

OK, so maybe the bees can stay, we love bees and all that they do for our ecosystem. But some of these other bugs can take a long walk off a short pier, if you catch our drift.

However, as bad as the bugs can get here, at least we don't have angry, drunk wasps like the UK, right? Just in case you didn't think wasps could get worse, apparently they can get a little buzzed (get it?) and aren't exactly what you'd call happy drunks.

In the UK, wasp season got started a bit early, thanks to a really cold winter. These little suckers have been out in full force, pestering patrons at outdoor bars and beer gardens. See, for most of wasp season, the worker wasps live to feed the queen and her larvae. They collect food, chew it up, and feed it to the larvae, which then produce a sugary fluid for the adult wasps to drink.

Credit: iStock / Nataba

But in late summer, the queen stops producing larvae, and the sugar juice supply gets cut off. What's a jonesing wasp to do? Well, they get it wherever they can find it, and sometimes they find it in rotting fermented fruit and leftover booze.

They get tipsy on the stuff, which is where the major problem lies. Wasps are a bunch of lightweights who apparently can't handle their sugar booze. Even a tiny amount turns them into mean, aggressive drunk wasps, and they've been taking it out on humans all over the UK. There's nothing worse that a wasp that can't handle its alcohol, right?

Luckily, when the cold weather rolls in, all those angry drunkard wasps die, and the queen goes into hibernation. But come next year, we're sure these little jerks will be at it again. Maybe they need to think about their choices, because clearly boozing isn't their bag.

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