Walt Disney World Annual Pass Price Increases Go Into Effect

It's summer, and usually this season means vacations. There are many popular vacation spots for families, but few are as popular as Walt Disney World. For many years, families have made Disney World their summer vacation stop. Disney World has never been a particularly inexpensive place to go on vacation with your family. But as time goes by, it only gets more expensive. And now, the prices of the annual pass have increased yet again. And the increases are actually quite steep.

Walt Disney World is so big that the only way to properly enjoy it is to go on multiple days. If you get an annual pass, you have more flexibility in when you can visit the park. This means, you can go at your leisure, as opposed to having to cram everything into a few days. Of course, there are still blackout dates, but in general, they're not a bad thing to have.

Disney World annual passes are available for Florida residents, but they're also available for out of state visitors. If you live out of state, an annual pass may seem extravagant. Unless you're going to take all of your family vacations to Disney World, it may not be the wisest choice (especially for the price) but it is still available. But they definitely make more sense for Florida residents, which is likely why there are more annual pass options for residents versus non residents.

Though there was just a price increase on annual passes (along with parking and MagicBand) another increase was just announced. It is worth noting that only the price of annual passes has gone up. But the increases are staggering. Since it's only been about eight months, you wouldn't think they'd be much. But these price increases are significant, many of them in the range of $100. The biggest increase is on the Platinum Plus Pass and the Platinum Pass for out of state visitors.

Platinum Plus Pass

Out of State: $1,219 (formerly $994)

Florida resident: $999 (formerly $849)

Platinum Pass

Out of State: $1,119 (formerly $894)

Florida resident: $899 (formerly $749)

There are other packages, but they're only for Florida residents. If you're a Florida resident, you have the option of paying for your passes monthly. But out of state residents have to pay in full upfront. Based on those prices, annual passes are really only worth it for in state residents. Unless you live in a bordering state and can make the trip frequently, the price seems too much.

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