Walmart's Fancy New Line Of Wines Costs Just $10 A Bottle

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Remember when wine was expensive? Well, relatively speaking, of course. You could always find a decent bottle of red or white at a grocery or liquor store. But as wine-drinking has gotten more mainstream, so have the wines! We like to think it all started with Trader Joe's Two-Buck Chuck Charles Shaw wines. Then Target got into the wine world with their line of California Roots wines, which retail for just $5 a bottle. Now, even Walmart is getting into the wine game, and it looks like they upped the ante a bit! The megastore has unveiled its own line of inexpensive wines, the Winemakers Selection.

Walmart's wine collection features 10 bottles that range in price from $10 - 16 a bottle. That's not bad!

The entire line features wines from different regions of the world, including California, France, and Italy. According to The Daily Meal, the collection includes a Chianti reserva, a Chianti classico, a Tuscan sangiovese, a red blend with four different Italian grapes, a French sparkling rosé, a grenache, a grenache rosé, a syrah, a cabernet franc, and the lone Californian blend — a cabernet sauvignon from Paso Robles.

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Dang, Walmart! You are really serious about this wine thing!

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While the bottles may have a price tag that won't break the bank, Walmart senior buyer Nichole Simpson claims that they taste a lot more expensive than they really are. Now, we're no wine experts, so who knows if we'd even be able to tell the difference between a syrah that cost $10 versus one that cost $40. They're all good wines, guys!

Wine and cocktails have really taken a turn for the better lately. We've got good, inexpensive wines in some of our favorite stores, canned wines and cocktails, and so many new and delicious flavors of adult beverages that have come out recently. Now with this addition of the wine collection at Walmart of all places, it feels like maybe brands and companies are really trying to get us to drink more, LOL. But honestly, at $10 a bottle for quality wine, is there even an argument against it?

Well done, Walmart. Looks like we may have to start stopping by more often!

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