Walmart's New Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream Is Going To Make Summer Perfect

Unicorn sparkle ice cream

Sometimes we have obsessions that are flash in the pan, meaning they fizzle out as fast as they pop up. It wouldn't be surprising if people predicted the unicorn a flash trend. But if we've learned anything over the past few years, it's really not. There are all kinds of adorable unicorn clothes and accessories out there. But the unicorn love goes past clothing and accessories. Unicorn food is also very popular, especially sweet treats. And now, Walmart is getting in on the unicorn food trend with Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream. It sounds amazing.

Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream is cake flavored ice cream colored in your typical unicorn colors. Pink, yellow, blue, and of course purple. Then, there's a swirl of purple frosting and multi colored confetti sprinkles shaped like stars. Stars! How much better can this get? Honestly, not much. You had us at cake flavored ice cream. If you're going for an ice cream in the vanilla family, clearly cake batter is the one to go with. And who doesn't love pastel colors? And a frosting swirl?! Holy cow. Yeah, it's going to be pretty (very) sweet, but so are unicorns right?

The question is: how are we going to hide this from the kids so we can enjoy it in peace? Sneaking it while they're asleep seems like the only option. Sure, we could share it, but do we have to? If you're nice enough to share with your kiddos (and what a good parent you are!) Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream comes in a 48 oz. container. Which is basically a quart of magical deliciousness just chilling out in your freezer.

The ice cream is only available in store. But you can check the availability of your store online.

Walmart unicorn ice cream
Credit: Walmart.com

Other stores have released their own versions of unicorn ice cream, including Kroger and Target. But we all know Walmart can't be left out. Frankly, we can't believe this didn't happen sooner! In addition to looking positively yummy, the Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream is a steal at only $2.97! Less than three dollars for something so good? Please hold our bags while we run off and grab some immediately.

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