HELP! My Daughter Wants To Be A VSCO Girl

So your daughter wants to be a VSCO girl.

Every time she brings it up, we're sure your thought process is something like: "Is that even okay? What is a VSCO girl? My kid is running around the house asking me if I want to be one too. She's asking, 'Do you like scrunchies? Do you like turtles? How do you feel about saving them? And I oop, sksksksksk.' What was that last part? Of course, I want to save the turtles, who wouldn't? What do scrunchies have to do with saving the turtles?"

We know it's confusing, but don't worry, we've got you covered, (and so does this handy gift guide from Walmart Canada)!

VSCO is marketed as a photo and video editing app that many people use to make their social media photos look, without a doubt, fabulous. With all of the filters, lighting, and skewing that's available, photos edited through VSCO usually come out flawless. VSCO didn't actually come up with the term VSCO girl. They give the credit to their teenage users for populating the app.

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The term "VSCO girl" came from videos posted on TikTokYouTube, and other media outlets. A VSCO girl likes to: wear Crocs, drink water from a Hydro Flask with reusable straws, take pictures with her Instax instant camera, wear scrunchies (yes, the ones from the '90s) as bracelets, and finish the look with a Fjallraven Kanken backpack to hold all of her stuff. She is environmentally conscience, looks like a California surfer from 20 years ago, and probably drinks Starbucks refreshers on the daily.

Once the look is complete, VSCO girls need to master the lingo. "Oof" is something that seems to have originated from Roblox. Roblox is a site for kids to play games. When they play an obby, (an obstacle course), and the character falls off, it says, "oof", as it falls apart. It's like saying, "ouch". Another term is, "and I oop" which is another way of saying "oops". It can also replace, "Oh my gosh". The last entry in our VSCO girl dictionary is "Sksksksk". It's like "hehehehe". We know, it's a lot to master, but you'll get the hang of it, mama.

Via Walmart Canada

If you're looking to surprise your daughter (AKA VSCO girl in training) with some VSCO-worthy gifts this holiday season, Walmart Canada has got your back. VSCO girls love making their own things, and thankfully we've found an affordable (and super cute) friendship bracelet maker that any aspiring VSCO girl will enjoy (pictured above).

If crafts aren't your daughter's thing (sksksksksk) every VSCO girl needs an eco-friendly bike to cut down on carbon emissions (the turtles will thank her). Or of course, she can just throw on a sweet graphic tee (like this one with a heart-shaped Earth), as a symbol of her commitment to Mama Nature. After all is said and done, this Instax polaroid camera will be the best thing for your daughter to capture her soon-to-be treasured VSCO girl memories and share them with you (and I oop!).

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