Victoria Beckham's Son Used Her Fame To Gain More Social Followers

While there may be a lot of negatives when it comes to having a famous mother or father, there is also a benefit. You, almost inherently, become famous as well. Victoria and David Beckham are a power couple, and their social media followers prove it. Their son, Romeo, decided to cash in on his mother’s popularity and try and steal some of her followers.

Why not? If your mother has millions of followers on Instagram, why not try and get some for yourself. It is not like people would stop following Victoria to follow her son. That may be why Romeo decided to join one of the fastest growing apps.

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Victoria Beckham said that her 17-year-old son had recently joined TikTok and asked her if she would do a dance with him. When Victoria asked him what they should dance to, he recommended The Spice Girls. Victoria said all of this to Ellen DeGeneres when she appeared on the show recently. After they had done the video, he posted it to her Instagram and said that it would get his numbers up.

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Victoria stated she felt used when Romeo used her and a dance video to “Spice Up Your Life” in their kitchen to try and gain more social media followers for himself. The Spice Girls may not be a group now, but they were so influential that their fans are still crazy about them, and they continue to get new fans every day.

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Victoria did say that it was a lot of fun, but that she definitely thinks that Romeo takes after his dad. Which must tell us that David is quite the prankster as well. Some may see this behavior as prankster, while others see it as very smart and ingenious. It seems like Romeo is going to go places in this world with his out-of-the-box thinking on how to gain more followers on Instagram.

The two also talked about how her other son, Brooklyn was listed as on of the sexiest men in the 2019 Sexiest Man Alive issue of People magazine. Victoria was reluctant to hear this information about one of her sons. However, when your parents are that good looking it isn’t hard to see how he ended up on that list.

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