Having A ‘Vent Buddy’ Is Important To Your Health

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Parenting can be hard. We always hear about this village that it takes to raise a child but in reality, motherhood can be an incredibly lonely and isolating experience. It can be hard to keep up with the mental and emotional load of working, caring for kids, and trying to stay healthy and sane all at the same time. If you are also in a position of feeling like you are going through it alone with no social support, it can be doubly hard. Well it turns out that having some friends that you can confide in and commiserate with can be incredibly helpful for your overall well-being.

According to Smart Parenting, having a "vent buddy" can be very helpful for your mental health, and can also have benefits for your child. A vent buddy is what it sounds like, a friend that you can go to to vent about anything.

One of the benefits of a vent buddy is that you can release the pent up stress that comes along with life and parenting. Smart Parenting cites a study which found that the simple act of social sharing (talking about your issues and stresses) could lower stress levels.

Another benefit is having someone to simply listen. If you have a friend who you feel is a non-judgmental source of support, telling them your troubles can help you unload and feel validated. A side benefit is that you may find yourself getting some good advice that you may not have thought of before.

The beauty of a vent buddy is that is can go both ways. Although your vent buddy can be there to listen to you and hear your troubles, you can also be there for them to provide support. This is a good opportunity to practice and model empathy.

Although moms undoubtedly benefit from having a vent buddy, it turns out their children do too. When a mother feels adequately supported and can relieve some of her stress whether it be by social sharing or other methods, they will have more energy and patience when it comes to parenting.

So if you don't have a vent buddy yet, you might want to go find one! It might be one of the most health-boosting friendships that you can adopt.

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