This School Installed A Vending Machine That Dispenses Free Books To Kids

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If there is one thing that good parents encourage their children to do, it’s take care of both their minds and their bodies. Thankfully, health professionals and school officials have finally caught on by encouraging kids and students to make more mindful decision, especially when it comes to their health and well-being. As a matter of fact, one school has taken matters into their own hands by installing a vending machine that dispenses free books to kids, rather than the common chips, chocolate bars and sugary drinks.

For years there has been plenty of dialogue about pulling out vending machines from schools altogether. With so many kids battling with obesity, schools want to replace Doritos bags and M&M pouches with carrot and celery sticks instead. Well, this one school in Buffalo, New York took things one step further by giving students a new craving: a good book to read.

According to WBFO News, Vice Principal at Arthur O. Eve School 61, Dr. Unseld Robinson came up with the genius idea. While many neighboring schools are getting rid of their vending machine, he decided to keep theirs and give his students some food for thought. The reason? Kids these days are spending more time in front of their electronic and gaming devices than they do with an actual book in their hands.

"Many children in Buffalo are not reading as much as they should," Robinson told The Buffalo News. "So the thought was to have them look to the vending machine for inspiration."

The vending machine is kept in the library but the books inside are different than the ones that are on the library’s shelves. It’s been so filled with over $1,000 worth of books - all of which will be continuously topped up through various donations from the local community. Each month, a random selection of children in prekindergarten through to fourth grade get to earn a trip to the library and a gold coin for the vending machine nestled in the corner. From Goosebumps to Pippi Longstockings and Hidden Figures, there’s something for everyone. Talk about a great way to get kids excited about reading, right?

Robinson also made it a point to fill the vending machine with books that celebrate different cultures and cover a variety of topics. He added, "Students in urban communities need to learn about other cultures and other communities in other countries."

Now that’s something that everyone snack on.

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