10 Tastiest Vegetarian Recipes For Kids

It doesn't matter if you are just trying to do meatless Mondays with your family or you are trying to eat less meat overall, meatless meals are now the top thing parents are searching for. But when you don’t have chicken nuggets to fall back on for a meal your kids can eat, it can be hard for you to know where to start looking for meatless meals.

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Luckily, we have searched the internet and have found the best recipes out there for meatless meals that your kids will love. So keep reading to discover ten tasty vegetarian recipes your kids will love!

10 One-Pot Vegetarian Chili With Quinoa

There are a few things that Moms consider when they are looking for the best meal ideas. First, it needs to be filling so that kids aren’t asking for a snack after supper, two it needs to have affordable ingredients, and lastly, it needs to use few dishes when actually cooking.

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This one-pot vegetarian chili with quinoa is perfect for all of the things we look for. If you are looking for an easy meal to make for your kids that will keep them full then you need to check out the recipe here at TheEarlyHour.com.

9 BBQ Shepherd's Pie with Chickpeas and Lentils

There is no wonder why kids like shepherd's pie since it has flavorful meat, corn, and mashed potatoes in it. But when you are trying to make a meatless switch in your family’s lifestyle they cannot eat shepherd's pie with ground beef in it. One of the best ways to help your family embrace a meatless meal is to make one they eat all the time into a meatless meal they will love. SheLikesFood.com has a delicious BBQ shepherd's pie recipe with chickpeas and lentils that your family is going to love over the meat version.

8 Veggie Bolognese

One of the biggest mistakes that parents make when they are trying to make a meatless meal is not making a meal balanced. This can be seen all the time when parents make pasta with sauce, but just take out the meatballs to make it meatless.

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You want to make sure you are giving your little one meals that are full of nutrients and pasta and sauce is not going to cut it. BBCGoodFood.com recipe for veggie bolognese is a perfect example of a well-balanced meatless pasta dish to give your children since they make up for the meatballs with other ingredients.

7 Vegetarian Quesadilla

One of the easiest kinds of foods to make meatless is Mexican food. This is because it is very easy to replace meat with many wonderful kinds of beans. iFoodReal.com recipe for vegetarian quesadillas does exactly that and makes their quesadilla full of beans and veggies that your kids are going to love. These quesadillas are easy for you to make all at once so you are not spending your whole night at the store. Just make sure when you make this for your kids you get all the toppings such as guacamole, salsa, and sour cream to go on top.

6 Chickpea Sunflower Sandwich

Sandwiches are one of the foods that are so easy to make that your kids are going to love. But to make them meatless and not to use any deli meat you have probably been making a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

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If your kids are bored of those then you need to make this chickpea sunflower sandwich from MinimalistBaker.com. This chickpea sunflower sandwich is very familiar to tuna fish sandwiches in the texture and it can be made in less than fifteen minutes on those days where you have no time!

5 Blueberry Crunch Breakfast Bake

Breakfast is an interesting meal that you can eat at any point of the day and making breakfast for dinner is a wonderful way to have an easy meatless meal your kids will get excited about. But don’t just make eggs for your kids to have, instead use the recipe from TasteOfHome.com to make a sweet blueberry crunch breakfast bake. This breakfast bake takes everything that you love about breakfast and makes it into a sweet dish that will feel like you are eating a dessert for a meal.

4 Tempeh & Chickpea Sloppy Joes

A staple in all kid's diet is sloppy joes. There are easy to make with ingredients that are affordable and you will usually have on hand. If you are looking for a meatless recipe on this classic dish then you need to check out the recipe by SheLikesFood.com.

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The recipe created for the tempeh and chickpea sloppy joes allows you to create a meatless joe that still has the constant that you know and love. But just know that this recipe is still sloppy to make sure to have napkins on hand when you make this for your kids.

3 Black Bean Tacos

A popular food that all kids love is tacos, but when you do not want to cook with meat, how can you make a taco your kids will love? EatingWell.com has released a recipe for black bean tacos that are full of flavor that will make your kids go back to seconds. The black beans act as a wonderful substitute for the ground beef, making sure to add protein to their tacos. Make sure to try the black bean tacos for your next taco Tuesday at your house!

2 Veggie Fried Rice

Chinese food is a huge staple in most houses, and if your family loves Chinese as well, then you are going to need a good fried rice recipe to add to your meatless Mondays. The recipe DinnerAtTheZoo.com has created for veggie fried rice tastes just like Chinese takeout without the price and extra grease that comes along with it.

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This recipe is easy to make after a long day where all you want is comfort food. With all of the veggies in it to it will keep your little one full all night.

1 Grilled Bean Burgers

A classic meal that everyone loves to eat is burgers, but when you are trying to eat less meat in your diet you need to find some recipes for burgers that are all plant-based. TasteOfHome.com has released an amazing recipe for grilled bean burgers that we know your kids are going to love. This bean burger will keep its shape and not fall apart and has perfect seasoning your kids won’t even realize that they are not eating meat! Try a recipe that will make you feel like you are not missing anything with the grilled bean burger.

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