Couples Now Celebrate With Vasectomy Cakes

Most people can agree that any occasion is made better when there's cake involved, be it a birthday, anniversary or graduation celebration. Now there's one more celebration that has become cake-worthy and people can't seem to get enough. Vasectomy cakes are a thing now and they are becoming a hugely popular way to celebrate the man in your life's decision to take responsibility for the birth control in your family.

After posting a picture of their own vasectomy cake on Instagram featuring a buttercream frosted cake decorated with two lemons and the phrase "100% juice, no seeds. Happy Vasectomy!" on top, Signature Desserts in Nolensville, Tennessee saw quite a bit of online interest in their funny cake. The owner of the bakery, Nate Clingman, told TODAY that it was back in March that he received a note from a local woman on his Facebook page stating she "had a strange cake request."

“Once we worked out a few details regarding pickup and whatnot, she shared that it was a vasectomy cake,” Clingman said. “I’m not sure if she expected me to take it seriously. I started laughing and told her, ‘That would be awesome.’”

As for the man who received the cake? “He thought it was hilarious,” Clingman noted. “We’ve gotten people from all over asking us to ship [cakes] out to them,” Nate said. “The funny thing is a lot of guys are saying, ‘I never got a cake for my vasectomy, I just got an ice pack!’ So we’ve connected with some of them to suggest having their wives do a post-vasectomy cake.”

Oddly enough vasectomy cakes aren't new. A quick look on Instagram and you can see a wide variety of funny, cute and downright hilarious cakes meant to make any man who has recently undergone the procedure feel a bit better. According to The Washington Post, springtime tends to see an increase in vasectomies, so it's no surprise that we're just starting to hear about vasectomy cakes. Sure, vasectomies aren't super pleasant and can cause a day or two of discomfort, two reasons to celebrate the big procedure with a tasty and clever cake.

A study posted in the journal Urology confirmed that March is the most popular month for vasectomies and that approximately 527,000 vasectomies are performed in the United States every year. Whitney Reinhart, 34, of Fenton, Michigan told USA Today her husband was a bit nervous about having his vasectomy, so she decided to get him a cake and throw him a party to ease his anxiety. "He was really nervous about it, and I thought, 'I’m going to capitalize on that," she said. "He was nothing but smiles and laughter, but he was so embarrassed. You could tell he was like, 'Oh, my God.' He looked at me and said, 'You’ve got to be joking,' and I said, 'No. Happy vasectomy day.'"

Heather Finch is the owner of Finchy's Cakes in Michigan and told the paper that the popularity of baking shows on television and the desire to have something fun to post on social media helps encourage people to order cakes that are increasingly more creative and bold.

As for Reinhart, she said her husband has a great sense of humor and loved her cake, but she's not really expecting her own surprise cake in return. "I don’t think he's going to do anything like 'Happy clear Pap smear day!', because he’s not creative like that," she said. "But I’d welcome that." Same Whitney, same.

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