Mom Discovers Daughter's Doll In Trash And Daughter's Reason Is Too Much

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There are many times, MANY MANY TIMES, when parenting gets to be too much. Too much noise and too much hard stuff and too much of everything. Not every day is a struggle, but man, the days that are? Struggle bus with a one-way ticket to We Can't Do This Town. We knew this was going to be a tough gig when we signed on, don't get us wrong. It's not like we imagined it would be all sunshine and rainbows. But maybe we weren't exactly prepared for what all it would entail. And there's no way to prepare, really. There are no classes that teach you how to respond when your child smears their own feces on their walls when they're supposed to be sleeping, you know? We could have had all the baby dolls in the world as kids, and it still wouldn't have helped. So that's why this viral post about a little girl throwing away her baby made us laugh so hard. She gets it! She's only a plastic baby doll mom so far, but she really gets it. She reacted extremely, but nothing none of us haven't at least daydreamed about once in a while, LOL.

Well I’ll be mf got damned. I came downstairs & Zailey said she don’t wanna be a mommy no more bc her baby don’t listen.

Posted by Vani Person on Saturday, December 29, 2018

JaVani Person took to Facebook to share an absolutely hilarious picture. Sure, it just looks like a baby doll in the trash. Considering where some kids put their toys, it's not completely out of the ordinary. But, as Vani explains, the baby ended up there under very relatable circumstances. See, her daughter Zailey decided to just throw her baby away because she won't listen. Just throw the whole baby in the trash, crib and stroller and all. This CRACKED US UP. Because for one, it's a doll? So the only non-listening it did was in Zailey's imagination. But regardless, she decided her baby was just too insubordinate to keep around, and chucked her like last night's leftovers.

JaVani told Dearly that her daughter has lots of personality and does stuff like this all the time. Zailey sounds like our kind of mom-friend, to be honest. Sure, we don't throw babies away (not real ones, anyway). But we'll be damned if we didn't relate to Zailey's solution for her baby not listening to her anymore. Sorry to break it to you kiddo, but it just gets worse the older they get.

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