EXCLUSIVE: Vanessa Lachey Talks Mom Life And Healthy Eating

For many of us moms, one of our biggest fights with our kids is about what they're eating. Getting our kids to eat what we serve them is such a struggle. And trying to get them to eat something healthy is often an even bigger fight. Vanessa Lachey knows this struggle all too well. As a busy mom of three kids: Camden, age six. Brooklyn, age four, and Phoenix, age two, she knows how hard it can be to get our kids to eat something healthy. That's why her partnership with Stonyfield Organic Yogurt seemed like a no brainer.

Moms.com was lucky enough to catch up with Lachey in Los Angeles while she attempted to break the Guinness World Record for most lunches bagged in three minutes. The record, which was in partnership with Stonyfield Organic Yogurt to promote their new yogurt snack packs, was three lunches. Lachey, a true professional, smashed the record, making nine lunches in three minutes. There were very strict rules about what needed to be included: a sandwich with two items and a condiment, a drink, a piece of fruit, and of course a snack, the new Stonyfield Organic Snack Packs!

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In true mom fashion, Lachey tackled her task with a clear plan of execution. After anchoring the bags down with the drink and fruit (because we've all had a kid complain about a sandwich that got squished by an apple) she displayed the ease of the snack pack bu just tossing one in the bag. Since it's a dippable yogurt snack — you don't need a spoon or anything.

We joked that since she is now a Guinness World Record holder that she was going to be on lunch duty for the rest of time. But she admitted that she and her hubby, Nick Lachey actually trade a lot of parenting duties.

"The thing that I love about parenting with Nick is that we're equal parents," she explained.

"We both work hard at being there for our kids. It's not just me packing lunches, or just him taking them to school. We flip flop. It's not just one of us."

And while that is the ideal way to parent with a spouse, Vanessa also understands that due to the nature of their jobs, they have a lot more flexibility to be able to do things like take their kids to baseball practice or dance lessons or drive them to school in the morning, when other parents cannot.

"We always really try our hardest to keep one of us at home," she says.

This past year, the couple worked on their first project together, which understandably make their normal routine hectic, but they appreciated how it showed their kids that mom and dad truly are a team.

So, just how did a busy mom of three come to partner with a popular yogurt company like Stonyfield Organic Yogurt? For Lachey, there was never a doubt in her mind that this was the right collaboration for her.

"We have always loved Stonyfield organic yogurt, and now they have this snack pack — which is the yogurt that we already love, partnered with a crunchy snack," she explained.

Credit: Supplied / Michael Simon / startraksphoto.com

The Stonyfield Snack Packs are great snacks for kids on the go, or busy moms who don't have the time to stress over what to put in their kids' lunches every day. The snack packs come with either vanilla, chocolate or strawberry yogurt and dippables like pretzels, graham cracker sticks or cookies. This way, there is minimal mess — when the snack is all gone, you can just throw the packaging away.

"I throw it into a lunchbox and they're good to go," Lachey notes. "I love that it's kid friendly, and I love that it's healthy. It's a win win," she adds.

Finding a good, healthy snack that kids will want to eat is such a challenge. Because, as we all know, most kids would much rather have something laden with sugar over something that's good for them, even if it's something like yogurt.

"I've literally seen them short circuit (when having too much candy or sugar)," Lachey says of her kids.

But as Lachey points out, multiple flavors for the snack packs are helpful, because then we can offer our kiddos a choice on what they want. (And there are still cookies.)

"About once a week I try to introduce something new. Don't get discouraged if they don't like it, just try again next week." She says when asked about how she gets her kids to try healthy foods.

She then shared how her oldest son Camden, who is in kindergarten came to love broccoli because they offered it to him during lunch time at school. After seeing his peers try it, he realized that it's actually really tasty.

"The other day I did a little veggie tray and I'm like, 'well if they don't eat it, Nick and I will still eat it.' And because we were eating it, they were like 'I want some!' So they were eating the celery and carrots and cucumbers," she tell us.

Her two biggest suggestions for getting kids to eat healthy? Giving kids options ("Do you want strawberry yogurt, an apple or carrot sticks?") and not giving up after the first try simply because they didn't like it once. Kids sometimes take time to warm up to things. We think that's excellent advice!

You can find the Stonyfield Yogurt Snack Packs at most major retailers.

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