There's A Valentine's Day Version Of 'Baby Shark'

baby shark valentines day

Just when you thought your child's obsession with PinkFong's "Baby Shark" couldn't get any worse, the company has released a new Valentine's Day version complete with a sweet mashup of another beloved children's song.

We all know that the world has become obsessed with Baby Shark by now, not just preschoolers. Even people who don't have little kids know all the words and can be found mindlessly humming the tune as they go about their daily lives. The song is so popular it even entered the Billboard Top 100 chart at 32! The people behind the incredibly catchy tune recently released a Valentine's Day Shark version of the song to help celebrate the February holiday, and it won't be long before your child is obsessed with this one too!

The Valentine's Day version of the song kicks off with a Jaws-esque introduction and then features the same catchy tune you've come to either love or loathe with some added lyrics all about Valentine's Day and love added in. The video features all the sharks with carrying Valentines or sweet gifts for their loved ones, calling them out after each verse. But what makes this version even more unforgettable is the mashup of another beloved children's tune at the end of the song.

After all the sharks have completed their verse, the song transitions in to a verse from Sharon, Lois and Bram's iconic children's song "Skinnamarink." It's a lovely way to pay homage to one of the original children's songs that you found yourself mindlessly humming even when your children weren't in the room!

The Valentine's Day version of the song already has over 13 million views on YouTube, which is still way less than the original, but shows just how much staying power Baby Shark actually has. It's not surprising the people at PinkFong are capitalizing on the Baby Shark popularity either by targeting holidays. They already produced a Halloween Sharks video as well as a Santa Shark video and I'm sure it won't be long before we see Easter Bunny sharks too!

While the Baby Shark phenomenon may be annoying to some, it's always great to find something sweet and wholesome like these songs and videos that can keep our kids entertained for a few minutes, and maybe give parents something to sing along with as well.

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