10 Things To Know About Having An Unmedicated Birth

Giving birth is one of the most beautiful and amazing things a person can do... but it is also pretty painful, which is why some mothers decide to have some pain medication involved in their baby’s birth. Not everyone goes the painkiller route, though. These days it seems as though there are a lot of women who are interested in giving birth with no help from pain medication at all.

Unmedicated births can definitely have their benefits - although they come with the obvious downside of having to feel every moment... and there are plenty of mothers who may think that they want to go drug-free, and then change their mind when the pains really start to kick in! Either way, it's up to you - and when making the decision to medicate or not, there are a few things that you should know.

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10 Being Active Makes It Easier

Exercise is always important, even during pregnancy. And it is an especially big deal for those who plan to give birth unmedicated.

That is because being active helps make birth an easier experience in general, so just imagine how helpful it can be when a mother has a baby with no medicinal help as far as pain goes. Many physical activities help women prepare for the birth of their babies. An added benefit is that expectant moms who exercise approximately three times a week during pregnancy are much less likely to have a baby that has a high birth weight.

9 Sometimes Unmedicated Births Are Not Planned

Moms should always get to choose what kind of birth they want. But sometimes that is just now how life works, which is why there are moms who had unmedicated births even though that is not what they had planned on.

While that is a rather unpleasant thought for some women, others seem to be glad that it had happened to them. That is because ladies who have had an epidural that fully worked (sometimes they don’t work as they should) are usually not very alert when their baby is born, whereas women who did not have it are alert. They are able to actually feel their babies come out, which is pretty incredible.

8 It Makes Mothers Realize How Powerful The Human Body Really Is

The fact that women are able to give birth to other human beings at all is proof of how awesome they are. But choosing to give birth without any form of medicinal help is really something, and it definitely makes a person realize how powerful their body is, and how much it is actually capable of doing.

Giving birth with no pain medication is not everyone’s cup of tea. But some ladies who have done actually claimed that they felt more powerful after all was said and done. They also felt as though they had more control over their bodies than they would have if they had used an epidural.

7 There Are Other Methods Of Pain Management

Moms do not necessarily have to forgo pain relief when they have a natural birth. There are actually quite a few different forms of pain management that women can use that do not involve medicine at all.

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Ladies who choose to go the natural birth route can have someone give them a massage, and they can also use heat packs. Heat packs are a pretty great choice since they also release endorphins, which makes the birthing experience even easier. Moms can also choose to be immersed in water during labor. Taking a warm bath is relaxing for anyone, so lots of pregnant women choose to sit in a bath when they are in labor.

6 There Are A Variety Of Places For Moms To Have An Unmedicated Birth

Moms who choose to give birth with no pain-relieving intervention have a couple of choices when it comes to where they can have their babies. Lots of ladies like to visit birth centers when the big day arrives, and other women choose to give birth in the comfort of their own home.

Women who are trying to decide between a birth center and a home birth have a few things to think about before making their decision. Birth centers usually feel more personal than hospitals, but they still have some medical equipment on hand just in case it is needed - but moms have a lot more freedom in their own home.

5 Moms Won’t Experience Side Effects From Pain Medicine

One of the best parts about having a natural birth is not having to deal with any side effects that could possibly come from pain medicine. Many women choose to have an epidural when they are giving birth, which is safe for the most part.

But the problem is that there are some mothers who experience side effects after having one. Ladies who have one of these while in labor may experience things like itchiness, low blood pressure, an uncontrollable bladder, headaches, nausea, and trouble breathing. They can also experience nerve damage, as well as infections if it is not done properly. Moms who don’t have an epidural can avoid all of this.

4 It’s Impossible To Predict How Intense The Pain Will Be

Anyone can tell an expectant mother what labor and delivery was like for them. But nobody can really predict what it will feel like for another person. So, ladies who are new to being a mommy will not be able to get an idea of how much pain they will be in during a natural birth until they are already going through it, unfortunately.

But that does not mean that it is not helpful to at least chat with friends and family members about what they experienced when they had children. Talking with others about this subject can be very educational.

3 Keeping Calm Is Very Helpful

Staying calm can actually have a remarkably positive impact on a woman’s natural birthing experience. It is important that expectant mothers learn about breathing techniques they can use when they are having a baby.

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When mom is using those breathing techniques, as well as a few other things that can help her relax during labor, things will probably go pretty well. That’s because ladies who are able to remain calm during labor and delivery will be able to push more effectively, thanks to natural hormones that are released in a mother’s body as a response to the pain she feels when the baby is coming.

2 It’s Not The Best Thing For Everyone

Going the natural route when a baby is coming is not the right thing for everyone. It is great for some women, but there are also mothers that are actually more comfortable the other way. Having a baby with no pain medication is not for the faint of heart. Just labor and delivery, in general, is tough for any woman to go through.

There are some circumstances in which mothers need pain medicine. A good example is a c-section. Sometimes having a natural birth just is not an option, no matter how badly an expectant woman wants to have one.

1 Ladies Should Consider Hiring A Doula

Doulas are very useful for all women during birth, whether it is medicated or not. But since women will feel a lot more when they don’t have any medicine, having a doula to help them relax during labor is a much bigger deal.

Doulas can provide a mom with support in so many ways. They are trained to use various techniques to help women relax, and they can also help new mothers deal with the visitors once the baby comes. Doulas can also help expectant mothers explain what they want to their healthcare providers. Plus, they can help ladies understand how certain things will impact their birthing experience overall.

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