This Gorgeous Winery Is Hosting A New Boozy Escape Room

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Escape rooms have gotten increasingly popular lately, and are fast becoming a prime date night or girl's night out destination. In a typical escape room, you find clues or answer questions in order to solve a puzzle and move onto the next phase. Some are timed, and it becomes a contest to see which team can escape the fastest. There are scary escape rooms, funny rooms, rooms with random trivia, and more. But if those don't tickle your fancy, this wine tasting escape room just might do the trick!

Chateau St. John is a gorgeous winery in Sonoma County, and they have a most unusual (but amazing) tasting offering! Unlock the Chateau is an escape room tasting experience, where guests will be required to use clues to solve a variety of puzzles and clues to escape the room.

The tasting is held Friday - Monday at the winery, for groups of 6 - 12 participants. You'll have 90 minutes to escape the room with your group. According to Delish, details on the types of puzzles you need to solve are scarce (they don't want to give away the secret, after all!). But guests can expect classic puzzles like crosswords, in addition to clues hidden in things like wine barrels and old love letters.

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The best part is, you'll be drinking wine during your tasting! Careful not to drink it too fast though, you'll need your noggin to be fully functioning to solve the clues. Guests will be given a glass of sparkling wine at the start of the event, another glass of wine after you unlock the second room, and an entire flight when you finally manage to escape. That sounds like the perfect way to celebrate getting out!

The escape room tasting will set you back $60 per person, which is a bit steep. Most escape rooms run about $30 per person, and tastings can start as low as $10 at other wineries. But combining the two really does sound like an amazing experience, and we imagine plenty of people will be forking over the dough to drink delicious wine while trying to escape the room! Just make sure you pick the smartest people for your team. Or maybe you want the ones who can handle their booze the best.

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