10 Unique Toddler Birthday Party Themes

Planning a toddler's birthday party can be incredibly fun; especially if you are the type of parent/caretaker that loves a good themed party. However, this certain age can be difficult to navigate the right type of theme to arrange a party around. Because they are just learning how to walk, talk and become curious with their own, little interests, you typically do not want to "guess" what they would like. So, often we resort to either a neutral theme or something that everyone else is doing.

To avoid going those two routes, we have listed 10 very cute and unique themes for your toddler's birthday party. No matter how big or how small, these themes are easy to decorate and they will allow your own, creative minds run free! Get inspired, as you read ahead for your 10 new, toddler party ideas.


Yes- this may seem like a lame theme; but, think about its possibilities! Encourage their little friends to dress up as hotdogs, hamburgers, onions and corn!

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Why not use bright yellow, green and red table clothes to reflect condiments that will surely be consumed? What a great idea for someone who does not want to go too heavy on a theme, but keeping it relative for a hot, summer's day while cooking good, easy food for everyone to enjoy.


A Garden Party is a very tasteful and easy theme to pull off for a youngster. It's one where you can bring along tea cups if you please, or keep it to some beautiful seating arrangements around the backyard. Offer small foods like sandwiches, fruits and veggies, perhaps a devilled eggs option. Finger foods are best for a quant, delicate garden party. Perhaps you can encourage your small guests to dress the occasion; with big, fluffy hats and maybe even long gloves. Imagine the images you could capture to laugh about in their futures.

8 BACK TO THE 20's-30'S

Now, this one's for the gram. We mean, they all, really are. But, this one could be so creative and hilarious. You could go as far as bringing water pumps in to hand pump their refreshments, or bake home-made bread for an appetizer.

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Ask the guests to dress up (or down) into clothing from back-in-the-day. This unique toddler themed birthday party will have the parents and/or guardians cracking up over how funny the kids are enjoying (innocently and without question) the simplistic was of the 1920's.


Children love fish, and this theme not only can be inexpensive but very interactive. By setting up your toddler's birthday table, perhaps buy a few fish with their glass homes as the centre pieces. Encourage the toddlers to feed them before your meal. At the end of the party, have the guests take them home as pets if the parents/guardians allow. You can hang blue streamers from your trees or ceiling and cut out fish for the walls and floors. This theme is a unique and great one to educate the young ones and enjoy the fun yourself.


Children have a fascination with wild life- even bug life. So, why not make it into a themed birthday party for your toddler? Depending on how squeamish your guests may be, you could even purchase small containers for live bugs for around the party's room. Decorate by cutting out shapes of bugs and play games that encourage the toddlers to find shapes and colours that have to do with the bug theme. This theme is colourful, playful and educational.


Everyone loves juice! Everyone loves fruit; especially toddlers! So, why not make a party out of it? Simply make the party around snack time, that way you can supply their juice boxes, provide fruit-snacks and play games around the fruit theme.

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Encourage guests to dress in bright colour. Play colour games with fruits by having the toddlers place the fruits in the right coloured baskets. The ideas are endless, innocent and adorable.


A bakery themed birthday party is a great idea for the little, future chef/baker. Though many toddlers generally love baked goods, it's a great and unique theme to put on for their birthday party. You can even make a baker's outfit for the birthday kid! Perhaps you can whip up a bunch of home made (or bought) baked goods for your guests to enjoy while providing games of play dough (or real dough) and decorating cakes and/or cookies!


With the future in mind, many parents and/or guardians are switching from plastic toys to wooden. Because they are more environmentally friendly, wooden and wicker toys have more of an appeal for many modern day parents.

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The natural tones are also incredibly trendy, so if you're a parent who likes aesthetically pleasing themes, this one may be for you. Consider throwing a very gender neutral, natural themed party. Place many plants all around, have wicker chairs about and put natural rugs down for a very low-key and calm get-together.


Picnics are always a great idea- no matter the weather! Even if it's the middle of the winter, a teddy bear picnic is a great theme for a toddler's birthday party. Welcome small guests to bring a teddy of their own to share the birthday celebrations with, too! Lay down as many blankets as you wish. Have the children snack not the floor and play with their teddies. It will be a very easy theme to decorate for and go along with. Parents will enjoy seeing their small children get along well on their teddy bear picnic.


Children love blocks. They love to build and become creative. It's a very unique theme idea to base a toddler's birthday party around buildings and architecture. Though toddlers are far too young for the average size lego piece, it's a great hands-on idea to for their birthday party around such an incredible field. Cut out city structures to tape to your wall. Bring blocks out on to the floor for the children to play. Dress up as construction workers and provide easy and relative meals like sandwiches, hot dogs and coffee (for adults). Have fun with this unique party theme!

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