10 Unique Camps Kids Can Actually Attend

Summer camps are full of new friends, unforgettable memories, and exciting adventures. But can’t there be more to them than just mac and cheese in the mess hall, giggling in the cabins, s'mores around a campfire, and canoe rides around the lake? Yes!

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Whether a child is interested in Harry Potter, circus performing, design experiments, The Beatles, apocalyptic situations, or fairy tales, there is a camp out there that explores all of these original and creative topics and so many more. So get ready for a one-of-a-kind trip to at least one super unique camp that we all wish we could attend!

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10 Enter The World Of Harry Potter

Places like the St. Stephen's Episcopal School in Austin and the Inside Outside School in Pflugerville, Texas let kids feel like they are at Hogwarts! There are classes on everything from spells, potions, herbology, and charms to Quidditch, Care of Magical Creatures, and Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Oh, and of course, everyone gets sorted into a house at the beginning to get the full experience. Everyone who has read these books or seen these films has dreamed of entering this world, and in today’s time, kiddos really can live it all out with unique summer camp options.

9 Learn Film Stunts

Camps such as Stunt Ranch and Hollywood Stunts teach children the ins and outs of stunts and special effects that are seen in the action-packed moments of TV shows and movies. Some of the skills that could be picked up during camps like these include choreographed fighting, tumbling, falling safely from high up in the sky, repelling, and how to create move magic like spooky smoke or marvelous makeup.

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And who knows—when a youngster has a whole week spent like this, it could even lead to a career in Hollywood someday in the future!

8 Pretend To Be A Spy

With experiences like the one that Camp Lohikan offers, kids can pretend they are spies with a super secret mission. In order to train, though, they must first go over martial arts, surveillance techniques, driving ATV 4-wheelers, navigating through a ropes course, executing a recon and rescue mission with paintball tactics, and more.

While this all sounds beyond fun (for all of us, no matter how old we are), it also teaches new skills, critical thinking, and how to work with a team, which are all valuable lessons to instill within people at an early age.

7 Become One With Nature

123 Farm, which is in California, is just one place that has a farm-focused camp. Activities at a place like this would include gathering eggs from chickens, planting vegetables, feeding animals, and cooking farm-to-table meals.

This is a unique opportunity that is available in the great outdoors, but 123 Farm goes beyond just fun on the farm. They focus on health awareness as well, making sure that attendees really learn where their food comes from and how to use that info to continue making healthy choices in life. This could be a smart option for people of all ages!

6 Train For The Circus

Many have dreamed of joining the circus, and camps like French Woods in Hancock, New York can make all of those dreams come true. Kids can train for acts like the trapeze, juggling, riding a unicycle, clowning, tumbling, twirling fire, and silk dancing, to name a few.

At the end of camp, a full-on circus is even put on for parents and loved ones to watch. Another option is Long Lake Camp For The Arts in Dobbs Ferry, New York, which provides performers with custom-made costumes for the high wire, being the ringmaster, acro dance, contortion, or other similar circus performances!

5 Live Out Rock Star Dreams

School Of Rock, which is also located in the city of Austin, Texas, is just like the movie, allowing children to hone in on their musical abilities. There is a camp dedicated to the beginning stages of playing instruments. There is a camp that teaches the skills of songwriting. There is a camp all about metal music and bands. There is a camp that focuses on songs from The Beatles.

And this is just one spot out of tons out there that let kids live out their hopes and wishes of being real-life rock stars, instrumentalists, and music industry professionals.

4 Design A Roller Coaster

At Idea Lab Kids in Calgary, camp guests can design their own roller coasters! Using science and engineering skills, amusement park rides with loops, speed, and drops can be built.

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There are lots of choices out there when it comes to topics like robotics, art, and STEM, but not many people can say they have built a miniature version of a roller coaster from the ground up! This is something that budding engineers and theme park enthusiasts would love to do, especially if they are kiddos looking for a fun getaway for the summer.

3 Go Full-On Ninja Warrior

Another unique and exciting summer camp is the one centered around ninja warriors. Ninjas United LLC, for instance, in Maple Grove, Minnesota helps kids learn new physical skills, confidence, and teamwork as they work their way through obstacles, courses, and other challenges.

There are different variations of this available across the country, but this particular version is led by Kevin Hogan, who is a two-time finalist from the television series American Ninja Warrior! It is also probably safe to say that there are several adults reading this who would want to tag along when sending their kids on this trip.

2 Survive Zombies

Zombie Survival Camp, found in New Jersey, has a 60-acre camp dedicated to zombie survival. Those who attend must find their own shelter, use night vision gadgets, protect themselves with weapons, gather supplies, and survive!

Of course, this is targeted towards an older demographic, and for the day camps, teens who are ages 15 to 17 must have an adult with them who is at least 25. Other types of survival skills that could come in handy during other more realistic types of emergency situations will be taught as well, such as first aid and self-defense.

1 Practice Being A Princess

And last but not least, there is this original and pretty option, as children can even practice being a princess while away at camp thanks to brands like the Royal Princess Training Camp in Hammond, Louisiana. With this particular camp, there is an emphasis on fairy tales, crafts, pampering, and even guest appearances from well-known princesses.

Another one like this is the Princess Training Camp in Mount Airy, North Carolina, which teaches little ones all about etiquette and manners, just like on Princess Diaries! This could be useful for some grown-up princess wannabes to attend, too.

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