There's A Unicorn Tears' Wine, And You Need It ASAP

If you’ve ever dreamed of a bubblegum pink wine that is just too pretty to drink, we’ve got good news for you. Spanish company Gik Live! has introduced a new pink rose that is sure to make its way on tables at every hip and happening party where the bespoke guests only drink the finest (if not also the most colorful) wine available on the market. It’s a polarizing and pretty as pink rose called Unicorn Tears.

Gik employs chemical engineers to achieve the drink’s bright colors. The company claims that their millennial beverage tastes just like candy, while its sparkle comes from natural mineral pigments. According to the company’s website, the Spanish rosé is "made with real unicorn tears in an undisclosed location" and "the tear-extraction process is completely natural."

Do you believe it? Because we believe it.

Gik Live claims that the 12 percent ABV wine has already attracted “thousands” of followers and “hundreds” of likes on Instagram, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Because if you are willing to create and promote a new product these days, it’s got to be ‘gram worthy, right? There’s really no market like the social media market.

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The company claims the princess pink wine will help you become the center of attention at parties. But here’s the sad part (hence the tears): the drink is only available in the United Kingdom, which means we Americans have a lot of swimming to do in order to make it across the pond to put our hands on one of these babies.

And if the company sounds familiar, that’s because you’ve heard of them before. Back in 2015, they were the first company to launch the world’s first commercially available blue wine, which is made in Spain. Gik Blue gets it color from anthocyanins (a natural pigment found in red grape skins) and indigo carmine colorants.

If you are still looking to get your hands on some Unicorn tears (for those of you who live in Europe) , bottles of the 12 percent volume bubbly are available in threes and upwards, with a triple pack retailing for 39 Euros on the company’s website.

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