You Can Rent These Gorgeous ‘Unicorn’ Ponies For Your Kid's Next Party

Pampered Ponies

Are you as obsessed with unicorns as the rest of us? I mean, what's not to love about them? They're magical horses, full of rainbows and glitter. Unicorns represent endless possibility and imagination. So it's not surprising that kids love them, especially young girls. And because unicorns are irresistible, they are EVERYWHERE. A few companies have capitalized on the unicorn trend, offering horses groomed to look like unicorns for parties. And of course, we're so here for it. They're adorable, how could you not be?

First, it was a woman in England was dressing up the ponies at her stable as unicorns. She has a variety of horses, including a "teeny tiny" horse that is used for children's parties. Seriously, how cute does that sound? A little kiddo and a little unicorn horse? Swoon! The company, Pampered Ponies, even offers parties where kiddos can decorate the horses to look like unicorns themselves!

Posted by Pampered Ponies on Saturday, April 28, 2018

So, what does that mean for us unicorn lovers in the United States? Fear not, there are places here that offer unicorn rentals for birthday parties and other events. Thank goodness, because frankly, just thinking about it was giving us a major case of FOMO. Unicorns are love, no matter what country you're in.

For those living in the Seattle, Washington area, there is a company called Dreamland Ponies. This is just that kind of quirky fun the Pacific Northwest is known for, so we shouldn't be surprised such a place exists. They offer unicorn pony rentals of all kinds, including birthday parties and weddings. Since they have horses of all sizes, no one has to be left out, no matter what their age. (Adults love unicorns too.) Dreamland was even called on to make an appearance at Starbucks to help unveil the unicorn Frappucino. Because when you have unicorns that close, you use them.

And if you live in the Southern California area, there is a Los Angeles based company that has full sized unicorns available for events. Sheroes Entertainment is actually just full of mythical creatures, they also do mermaid rentals.

FYI, for anyone who is worried, all of the unicorns, regardless of location, are being painted with water based, non-toxic paint made specifically for horses.

Obviously, it's time for us to plan a party.

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