Get Excited Because Unicorn Dr. Pepper Exists

unicorn dr pepper

In the soda wars, there can be only one winner. There are Coke people, Pepsi people, we suppose there are even clear soda people. But there is one soda that reigns supreme over them all, and that soda is Dr. Pepper. Don't even bother arguing with us, it's just science and facts, people! Dr. Pepper is perfect. And it's also the best diet soda, hands down! If you're a fan of the Dr. P like we are, then we're about to make your day. Apparently you can now find unicorn Dr. Pepper, because the only thing that could make it better is putting a unicorn on it.

Unicorns are having a bit of a moment right now, aren't they? They are EVERYWHERE. Sprinklers, clothes, food, even home decor. Not that we're complaining! Let's face it: unicorns are pretty amazing. They're magical, mystical, and beautiful. So it makes sense that Dr. Pepper would want to put them on a bottle of their soda!

Instagram user JunkFoodMom shared a picture of the unicorn-adorned Dr. Pepper with her followers. Apparently, the label is part of Pick Your Pepper campaign, which gives customers the chance to design labels to match their personalities! The labels are then randomly printed, and no one knows what labels were picked until they arrive in stores. Some other labels found by JunkFoodMom include a narwhal, pink cowboy boots, a hot rod, and a couple of squirrels having a snack. Scroll through the image above to see the others! The unicorn is obviously the best one, though.

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In addition to the cool labels, the Pick Your Pepper campaign also gives Dr. Pepper lovers a chance to score a free t-shirt. All they have to do is purchase three participating 12-pack or 7.5 ounce can packs, text DRPEPPER to 64827 (you'll be prompted to send a picture of your receipt as proof of purchase), and then head over to the website to pick your free shirt! There are about 40 different designs to choose from to match all the new labels you'll be seeing on bottles of Dr. Pepper.

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JunkFoodMom says she found the unicorn bottle in Kroger and Speedway stores, so keep an eye out when you're out doing your grocery shopping!

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