This Unicorn Desk Fan Will Blow All Your Worries Away

Nowadays, if you don't have something shaped like a unicorn, you're just not on-trend! Unicorns are everywhere, and they're spreading their magic to everything from pool floats to home decor. Sure, your kids might love unicorns, but why should they have all the fun? We need some fun and whimsy too, and this adorable unicorn desk fan is just the right touch of both.

Credit: Firebox

Say hello to Elodie, the absolutely darling unicorn desk fan! Elodie is the latest unicorn creation from Firebox, a website that pretty much has the market cornered on unicorn must-haves. Sweet little Elodie is a USB powered desk fan, and she'll blow magic your way while you put in the long hours at work or home. Elodie is small enough to sit on any desk or table, and really, she would brighten up any room!

Simply plug the USB port into your laptop or adapter, and let Elodie cool you down during the warm summer days. The cutest part is that her tail is the on/off switch. It's those perfect little touches that make her sparkle! The fan also grips to any surface, so you don't have to worry about knocking her down.

Credit: Firebox

Her tail! We can't even deal with this fan. Elodie is sort of Firebox's thing, and she's a big deal around those parts. There's an Elodie umbrella, Elodie coffee mugs, and our personal favorite, the Elodie humidifier. At first glance, it looks like the perfect baby or child's gift. But when you learn that the humidifier is also a color-changing mood light and can diffuse essential oils, well, you know that thing belongs in mama's room!

Credit: Firebox

We're telling you, it's time to jump on this unicorn bandwagon! We all deserve a little happiness and magic in our lives, and if they're delivered by unicorn-shaped objects around our homes, then even better. Just imagine: you can start collecting all your unicorn knick-knacks, and then slowly transition into a unicorn mom.

We all just want to have fun, surround ourselves with magical, beautiful things, and imagine for a few minutes everyday that unicorns are real, right? So get an Elodie fan for your kiddos, but also grab another one for yourself. You deserve it.

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