Unicorn Armpit Hair Is The New Beauty Craze Sweeping The Internet

rainbow armpit hair

Unless you live without WiFi, you are well aware that “Januhairy” is sweeping the country. As part of this viral phenomenon that is SO 2019, women around the world are posting photos of their hairy legs and armpits in a gesture of empowerment. Well, because regular old body hair isn’t cool enough for everyone, some ladies have been adding a whole lot of color to the mix by dying their body hair rainbow shades. Yes, unicorn body hair is a thing.

From Instagram to YouTube women of all ages are sharing their vibrantly hued hair. This trend isn't exactly new. Apparently, it first made an appearance in 2016, presented by YouTube star Official Rainbow Girl, who endorses and promotes all things rainbow-hued. In the last few days a slew of influencers and social media stars have shared their own images, and boy are they colorful.

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So just how do you get the look at home? Saint Louis based color specialist Caitlin Ford explained in an Instagram post that she used hair color to dye her own pits for a gay pride event in 2017. However, if you are an avid shaver, you are well-aware that long armpit or leg hair doesn’t grow overnight, so you will likely have to wait a few days or weeks to grow your body hair out sufficiently.

If you are interested in dying your armpits, Taylor Carpenter of the Instagram account @LadyPitHair offered Women’s Health a tutorial on how to do it — and it isn’t a simple process. It involves bleach, dye and plenty of items, such as globes and a professional applicator. Full the step-by-step instructions, click here.

We are all for female empowerment, and if you feel inspired to go ahead and dye your armpits multiple colors, go ahead and hop on the unicorn hair bandwagon.

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