This Woman Is Going Viral For Her 'Understanding Your Wife' Seminars

Juggling The Jenkins

If you are looking for a way to help your partner better understand you, your needs, your feelings, and why you just feel like crying with a cup of coffee and a box full of Girl Scout cookies near you, we’ve got good news. A clever and very funny woman named Tiffany Jenkins is going viral for her “Understanding Your Wife” seminar. But the thing is, it’s not actually a seminar, yet her advice is so spot on that women all over the country are clapping profusely and screaming ‘Amen’ in unison. Here’s why.

Tiffany – who is also known as Juggling the Jenkins – has been sharing videos giving some of her very sound tips online. She even held a pretend “Understanding Your Wife 101” seminar and as you can imagine, many wives out there are crying happy tears as they finally found someone who is telling the truth. In other words, she hits the nail on the head pretty hard and accurately.

Throughout her clip, Tiffany shares what some of the men frequently hear their wives say. She asks the audience (which is a group of men, all played by Tiffany herself) how they would respond to various questions from their wives. She then shares how their life would improve, based on their reactions.

Understanding Your Wife 101

Understanding your wife 101....

Posted by Juggling The Jenkins on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The thing is, a lot of it us either misinterpreted or miscommunicated. She starts off like this, "Another common phrase probably used by your wife is, 'What did you just say?' Whatever you do, do not repeat yourself. You need to rephrase what you said . . . she heard what you said, she just needs you to fix your sentence. If you ever hear your wife saying something like this, 'Don't worry about it,' worry more than you've ever worried in your life."

She also talks about post-fight conversations and some of the things that men should or shouldn’t say. It might sound all very simple but truth be told, it’s not. Tiffany explains, “Let’s say you walk up to your wife and say, ‘Hey babe how are you doing?’ and she says ‘I’m fine.’ Abort mission. She’s not fine. Not even close to fine, actually.”

Now, Tiffany can’t guarantee that her mock seminars will change anything between you and your partner, but it’s worth a shot having him take a look at the clips with you, right? Plus, there’s a good chance that the both of you will get a good laugh at it, if anything.

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