Parents Are Buying Jewelry Made From Baby's Umbilical Cord

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You've probably thought that by now, you have heard it all. Placenta smoothies. Burying the placenta. Heck, some people are even getting their placenta made into pills. Well, there's a new birthing trend that parents are taking part in that just might top all the other stuff. For real. Jewelry made from your baby's umbilical cord is not a thing that can actually be created and bought and we're not sure if it's genius or totally gross.

Gone are the days of the more traditional methods of preserving a baby's umbilical cord. Remember when it used to be so simple? You would bright your new babe home from the hospital and clean their umbilical cord stump every day until it dried up and fell off.  Most likely you would grab a nearby tissue and whisk it away to your child's memory box where it would sit for...probably forever.

Now, there's a completely new way to go about this whole scenario. Yup, if you want to preserve your baby's umbilical cord in a special way, you can now buy a necklace to make sure the memory lasts forever.

A Florida jewelry designer named Ruth Avra has apparently been making umbilical cord jewelry for six years now. Who knew? And it's actually much prettier than one would imagine whenever they first hear the words "umbilical cord jewelry" together in sequence.

So how did this idea first come to Avra? Oh, we've been wondering the same thing, too. Apparently, after her close friend had a baby, she quickly noticed the differences between them and was instantly inspired.

"A close friend gave me her son's umbilical stump back in 2011 and asked me to make jewelry out of it," Avra told TODAY Parents. "I was a jeweler, it should have been a no-brainer, but the stump sat on my desk for several months. I was pregnant at the time with my first child and shortly after my son was born, I put my stump next to my friend's stump. The sheer difference of the two of them made me realize exactly what I needed to do."

She's said that she has sold hundreds of bracelets, necklaces and other various precious pieces to this very niche market. Want to get your hands on one for yourself? All you have to do it send her the dried stump in the mail and she will use her creativity to make a one of a kind piece for you and your family to cherish forever.

However, she's not the only artist doing this, which officially makes this idea a trend. Designer Jackie Kaufman, who also lives in Florida, has a similar line. Heres vary in style as she actually makes castings in either silver or gold of the dried up umbilical cord, showing that the options are really endless and really about what the customer prefers.

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