Ugly Halloween Sweaters Are Officially The Comfiest Costume This Year

Deciding on ONE Halloween costume every year is hard enough, right? But inevitably, we find ourselves invited to parties and events that require a costume, and no one wants to wear the same one over and over! You have to save the good costume for the big night! Or maybe you work in an office or school that has a celebration during the day, and you don't want to go through all the trouble of getting dressed up for work. No sense in being potentially uncomfortable for just a couple of hours if you can avoid it. So what to wear to all those extra Halloween events? Well, you know how during the holiday season, you wear an ugly Christmas or Hanukkah sweater to different gatherings or parties? Now you can do the same at Halloween! The ugly Halloween sweater is this year's comfiest, most versatile "costume", and you'll want to get several to rotate them throughout the season.


We've already told you about the ugly Hocus Pocus sweaters, but these ugly Halloween sweaters from take it to a whole different level! They're priced right at just $39.99 each, and they hit on all the major Halloween themes.

Take this skeleton number, for example! Nothing screams Halloween like the imagery of ripped open flesh revealing a spooky skeleton. Plus the color scheme on this one is fantastic.

Or you can go for a goth at the pumpkin patch vibe with this pumpkin-covered sweater. This one is super versatile, and can go from fall to Halloween and right up until Thanksgiving.


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Ooooooooh, witchy woman! Cast a spell on party-goers with this adorable witch sweater, complete with pointy hats, moons, potion bottles, and a roiling cauldron.

Of course, no collection of ugly Halloween sweaters would be complete without a sweater dedicated to the man of the hour, Mr. Dracula himself! Go classic with this vampire sweater, and scare all the kids who come to your door for candy.

Clearly, you need ALL of these sweaters for Halloween ... and possibly for the entire year! If you're a big fan of the holiday, these are the perfect additions to your spooky wardrobe.


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