The Makers Of Our Favorite Fuzzy Boots Releases Fluffy Summer Sandals

Uggs Fluff Yeah

We're all busy moms, right? Constantly on the go, running around ferrying our kids here and there, on our feet for all hours of the day. At some point, we need to sacrifice fashion for function and get behind some comfortable footwear. During the cooler months, that might mean rocking your favorite pair of UGG boots. But that won't work when it's a hundred degrees outside! Luckily, the people over at UGG are trying to corner the summer market, too.

Please feast your eyes on the UGG Fluff Yeah Slide, a furry sandal for all your comfortable footwear needs.

ugg fur sandals
Image: UGG

No, this is not a joke. Yes, these are 100% real! UGG has released a fur sandal. FUR. SANDAL. According to the website, the Fluff Yeah fur slide combines the best of both worlds: a slipper and a sandal! The entire sandal is covered in UGG's signature sheepskin, and the platform is lightweight and airy. Of course, the strap that goes around the back of your foot is emblazoned with the brand name, because god forbid someone not know who made the fur sandals on your feet, LOL.

The fur sandals come in four different colors: black, baby pink, charcoal gray, and a deeper pink hue called Lantana. Here's the (furry) kicker: these bad boys retail for $100! Perhaps UGG is not aware that we can actually wear our fuzzy house slippers out of the house, and that we spent maybe $15 on them.

ugg fur sandals
Image: UGG

We're having a bit of fun with these, but let's be honest: they're probably incredibly comfortable. Although we're not sure how nice if would feel to wrap your feet in sheepskin when it's super hot out. And once these things get wet?! Game over. The fur shoe craze is hitting a fever pitch though, with fuzzy slides and sneakers on feet everywhere. These are just the latest creation.

We would absolutely rock these at home. And probably on a grocery store run. UGG has a market, and they need to meet their consumer's needs! If those needs include fur-covered sandals, well then, well-done, UGG. You totally nailed this one.

Can't wait to see these on the feet of the moms at the pool this summer!

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