Tyler Baltierra Had The Perfect Reply When Someone Shamed His Adoption Decision

Tyler and his wife Catelyn have bared all on Teen Mom for over a decade. Viewers were first introduced to the sweethearts when they were just kids on 16 and Pregnant.  The MTV show followed the two teenagers as they chose to place their daughter for adoption. Since then, the couple has gone on to tie the knot and have two more children, daughters Nova and Vaeda. Tyler and Cate opted for "open" adoption, meaning they have always tried to stay in contact with Carly, who is aware of the situation, and her parents, Brandon and Teresa.

Although it's been difficult to maintain that contact at times, Tyler and Cate talk openly about their experience on the show. Now, Tyler was the target of a vicious troll on Twitter. The user called the couple "trash" for giving up Carly. Rather than ignoring the abuse, Baltierra decided to tackle it head-on in the best way possible.

"If PLACING my innocent daughter into an adoption plan at 16 with a couple who can not have biological children makes me trash, then you might as well send me to the damn dump so I can put a throne on top & call it home!" said the proud father. It's worth noting that the capitals were most likely there to emphasize their decision to place their daughter with a loving couple, not "give her up" as previously suggested by the troll in a negative manner.

Tyler's fans also leaped to his defense, sharing their own successful adoption stories. One woman explained that after years of fertility treatments, she and her husband decided to adopt. She praised Tyler and his wife for making such a selfless decision so that people in her position can have the family they've always dreamed of. Another user explained that she too placed her first daughter up for adoption before having more kids of her own at a later date.

The current series of Teen Mom sees Cate and Tyler try to arrange a visit with Carly, whom they haven't been able to see in over two years. They're helped by their adoption counselor who has been with them since the very beginning. It's not always an easy road, but the couple has never regretted their choice.

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