This Mom’s Nickname For Her Nonbinary Kid Is Smart Parenting

With all the horribleness on the internet and in the news these days, sometimes we just need to scour the web to find some good, wholesome content. You know the kind we're talking about, right? Something you read or a video you watch that puts an instant smile on your face and warms your heart. It's not always easy to find this type of content though! However, we do what we can to bring it to you, and this tweet certainly qualifies. It covers all the bases - acceptance, good parenting, and moms being awesome. You won't be able to stop yourself from awwwwww'ing after reading it!

Twitter user @BlondButch shared the cutest screenshot from a text from their mom. We know some parents struggle with adjusting how they address their kids when their kids come out as nonbinary. But this right here is what all parents should strive for, it's just good parenting!

How cute is that?! Once they came out as nonbinary, their mom had to come up with a new term of endearment. And rather than hem and haw over it, or worse, use the wrong pronouns because they didn't want to be bothered to change, @BlondButch's mom came up a new, even more adorable term of endearment for her child: Baby Goat! This is amazing for some many reasons. We love that this mama respected her child enough to change what she's called them their whole life. We love that she didn't complain or claim it was too hard to change. And we love that she chose Baby Goat - after all, G.O.A.T stands for Greatest of All Time. Twitter really loved this, too.

And of course, Baby Goat works for another reason, as pointed out by this user!

The bottom line is, it's just not that hard to respect people and honor their pronouns. Even if you've always called them something different! Not everyone discovers themselves at the same time, and plenty of people come out as trans or nonbinary later in life. Everyone should do what they can to honor that, honor their bravery and strength, and use the proper pronouns. If a mom can change what she's called her child all their life, there is no excuse for the rest of us. And plus, we can come up with some cute AF nicknames in the process.

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