Mom's Tweet About "Lonely" Autistic Son Brings Messages of Love & Support Online

Kerry Bloch tweeted about her lonely autistic son, and many people have flooded her inbox with messages of love and support. She was concerned that her son is missing out on life, but thanks to the internet, he can find people who are willing to talk to him. He was very happy to receive so many lovely replies.

David is 21 years old, and he has been nonverbal most of his life. His inability to speak has brought many challenges. On top of that, he developed a severe immunodeficiency disorder, so he had to be home-schooled. Since then, he was isolated from the other kids in Neptune Beach, Florida, and his only company was his family.

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He only speaks when prompted to, so his parents were quite surprised when he walked up to them and said, “would someone like me?” This was the first time he asked a question ever. The boy’s loneliness was apparent, and his mom wanted to do something about it. With that, she took a picture of her son and tweeted out the sad statement.

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Kerry’s Twitter notifications soon became flooded with many positive messages. Some were from strangers who just wanted to express their love and appreciation for David. Many were from moms who also have children with similar conditions, so they sent words of encouragement to Kerry and her family. There were a few who thanked Kerry for the tweet because it gave them hope that their kids, who are younger than David, will also speak up on their own.

David sweetly reminded his mom that they should reply to every person who replied to her tweet. He doesn’t want anyone to feel left out, so they will take the time to make sure everyone knows he read their replies. The family was shocked and pleasantly surprised that so many people sent them lovely messages. They all showed David that he’s not alone, and he shouldn’t be afraid that no one will like him. With the help of the internet, his self-esteem was boosted a little, and he can continue finding his own voice.

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