TV Time: 5 Shows Moms Can Relate To (5 They Can’t)

There's nothing like the comforting feeling of meeting others who really understand what motherhood is like. Of course it's great to have other mom friends... but it's also just as awesome to watch some TV shows with characters who seem to be going through the same things that you are.

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From sitcoms to dramas, there are many series that talk about the ups and downs of parenting. Read on to find out about five TV shows that moms can relate to, along with five that they can't.

10 Can Relate: Parenthood

There are many mothers on the TV drama Parenthood, from single mom Sarah to ambitious Kristina to young mom Amber. Everyone has their own way of doing things. Kristina, for example, is a bit highly strung at times, but she just wants everyone to be happy (and follow a schedule).

Of all the TV shows that moms should watch, Parenthood is one of them. You can relate to the way that every character on the series admits that parenting (and life) is hard but every mom does their best. Honestly, nothing could be easier to relate to. Sometimes you just have to sigh and know that you did what you could today and tomorrow will be better. The hopeful and caring tone of Parenthood will be comforting.

9 Can't Relate: Everybody Loves Raymond

Everybody Loves Raymond is one of those classic sitcoms that everyone still talks about to this day. It's impossible not to find a few re-runs of it when you're channel surfing.

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Even though it's a funny show and Ray Ramono is always great, moms might not be able to relate to his wife on the show, Debra. She's not always in the best mood and she's not a big fan of his family. Watching a miserable stay-at-home mom isn't going to put you in a very good mood, either.

8 Can Relate: Life In Pieces

The hilarious sitcom Life In Pieces ran for four seasons and one of the characters, Heather, is a wonderful mom. She's got two daughters, Clementine and Samantha, and one son, Tyler.

Heather's an easy mom to relate to as she's always more worried than not about her children. Whether it's her teenage girl Samantha and her bad influence of a best friend, or when Tyler wants to rent out an Air BnB in the backyard, Heather does have a lot to be concerned about. Most of all, she's caring and compassionate, and she does what every mom does: tries to help her kids find happiness.

7 Can't Relate: The Real Housewives Franchise

The Real Housewives franchise has been on the air since 2006 when Real Housewives Of Orange County premiered. While the shows are all a lot of fun to watch (and talk about with close friends who share your love), the women are tough to relate to.

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Many of the cast members have children, but since they live such wealthy lives and go on expensive trips and shop until they drop pretty much all the time, that doesn't feel like anything close to what the average mom is going through.

6 Can Relate: Friends

Many of the characters on the popular sitcom Friends have children: Monica and Chandler adopt a baby girl named Erica and Rachel and Ross have a daughter named Emma.

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Since the situations on the show are played for laughs, it doesn't seem like you would be able to relate to the characters as they embark on parenthood. But, actually, you might be able to relate to Rachel. In the season 8 episode "The One With The Baby Shower" she freaks out about being able to handle parenting. Who hasn't worried about that?!

5 Can't Relate: Clarissa Explains It All

The throwback TV show Clarissa Explains It All is from the '90s and is a fun trip down memory lane. Melissa Joan Hart, the star of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, played the main character Clarissa.

While this is a sweet show (and Clarissa's outfits are amazing and artistic), it's not a show that moms can relate to. Clarissa's mom, Janet Darling, is very old-fashioned and traditional. She's often mad at the way that Clarissa and her brother, Ferguson, are behaving. Many moms want to forgo such harsh and old-school parenting choices and just let their kids express themselves more.

4 Can Relate: Friday Night Lights

Tami Taylor is mom to her daughter Julie, and she spends half of her time concerned about how Julie is doing in school (and in her dating life) and the rest of the time realizing that she raised a confident, headstrong daughter who is basically just like her.

Tami Taylor will defend her family when necessary and stand up for the people that she loves. The TV drama, which has five seasons, is a perfect show for moms to watch. Tami is a relatable character since she feels everything very deeply and she makes the saying "strong as a mother" ring true.

3 Can't Relate: The Good Wife

While Alicia Florrick is an amazing mother to her daughter Grace and her son Zach, it does sometimes feel like she puts her work first. And since she's dealing with her politican husband who has cheated on her and publicly embarassed her, that's not easy to relate to, either.

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This is why The Good Wife isn't an easy show for moms to relate to. Yes, it's really well-done and there are six critically acclaimed seasons, but you might not feel like you would be friends with Alicia or feel like you see yourself in her. She can definitely be a bit cold, harsh, and private at times.

2 Can Relate: Gilmore Girls

Of course Gilmore Girls had to be on this list of TV shows that moms can relate to. Whether you're a single mother of one kid like Lorelai Gilmore is or you're married with three children, you can find something to relate to here.

Lorelai deals with a lot of different parenting situations over the course of the show. She has to defend decisions when her rich, conservative parents don't like how she's raising Rory. She wants to make sure that Rory goes to a good school and is able to go to college. And she has to figure out how to pay for everything, which can be tough. Her compassion and love for her daughter is very moving to watch.

1 Can't Relate: Modern Family

The long-running sitcom Modern Family is very popular, and while it's definitely hilarious, not a lot of moms can relate to the character of Claire Dunphy. She honestly doesn't seem to like her husband very much, and she's always very stressed out and acting like nothing is going the way that she planned.

When you want to take a break and watch some TV, this show might not be the best choice since you might feel some of Claire's stress and nerves.

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