• TV Kids: 20 Things They Do That Moms Would Never Allow In Real Life

    Relationships between parents and their kids on TV don't always reflect real life. TV shows and films write their plots so that viewers and fans want to keep watching. If it means exaggerating something a child or teenager (and even some adults) might be allowed to do, it ends up on the screen as long as it tells a story.

    Most children and teenagers don't seem to be interested in carrying out activities such as this on such a large scale. Though some people may be allowed to do some of the things mentioned on this list, chances to do them are rare.

    Let's remember that children and teenagers on TV have a large team of people who orchestrate their every action. No teenager has an entourage full of people that tell them the right things to say. The majority of adults pay far more attention to a child's antics than they do on TV.

    Some characters on this list are representations of more ordinary kids. Others get away with strange antics because they have superpowers, a duty to save the world, and have to live through some extraordinary circumstances. Here are some things kids on TV get away with that would never fly IRL.

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    Stranger Things: Never Really Saying Where They'll Be
    Via GQ

    Stranger Things is set in the 1980s, far before helicopter parenting became a thing. Back then it was normal for parents to allow their children to go on a bike ride once in a while. Kids even got to school that way if they lived in a place with little traffic.

    Things get unrealistic because every kid on the show sneaks out at one point without mentioning where they're going. They don't just go to the arcade either.

    Kids in real life would probably never sneak out to stop an evil monster trapped in another dimension in order to save their friend.

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    Buffy The Vampire Slayer: No Curfew
    Via Polygon

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer saved Sunnydale from the doom and gloom of vampire takeovers. She did this while in high school where she juggled friendships, relationships with her hot vampire boyfriend, and hanging out at The Bronze.

    She also seemed to have no curfew, but that's not for her mother's lack of trying.

    This is strange since she was at the age where most kids aren't allowed to go out late during a school night, and the streets of Sunnydale don't seem particularly well-lit.

    Rest assured, almost no one gets away with coming home too late without giving a good reason why—and that's if they're lucky.

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    Veronica Mars: A Private Investigator While She's Still In High School
    Via Fanpop

    Veronica Mars introduced us to the great Kristen Bell. Though the show was great, it's likely that no parent would let their kid be a private investigator while they're still in high school. Becoming a P.I. in most jurisdictions requires a prospective P.I. to be at least 18 years old, and some may require them to be 21.

    Many jurisdictions or firms may even require said P.I. to have at least a high school diploma, but some may prefer a candidate to have a related degree.

    With that in mind, there are simply too many obstacles for anyone who wants to be a private investigator before starting college.

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    Gilmore Girls: Eat This Much Junk Food And Drink That Much Coffee
    Via Zena

    Rory and Lorelai Gilmore's eating habits are the stuff of legends. One fan wrote an article for Refinery29 cataloging everything Rory and Lorelai ever ate. The article even mentions why their obsession with food was endearing, even if their diet is unrealistic.

    No one can live on this much coffee, diner foods, frozen pizza, and Pop Tarts while also dealing with the whimsy antics of citizens in Stars Hollow.

    Most parents go out of their way to make sure their children eat three balanced meals and save the frozen pizzas for when they're tired. Thankfully Friday night dinners were more balanced.

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    Matilda: Bully Your Sister This Much
    Via Freeform

    Matilda is a film and literary sensation every child loves. Though there are many questionable things about the family's behavior, we're surprised that her older brother, Michael was allowed to bully her as much as he did.

    Her parents weren't exactly the most accepting of her. They could barely see her talent, but surely they must have had an instinct about how harmful bullying can be, right?

    Not so. The Wormwoods just seemed to go on about their days, just letting Michael mistreat his little sister. Thankfully most adults pay attention to this behavior in their children and put an end to it.

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    Sister, Sister: Take A Test For Your Twin
    Via Bustle

    Sister, Sister was a show about twins (and fashion icons), Tia and Tamera. Once the twins found each other, they immediately got to work getting to know each other and having each other's back.

    Tamera was also known for taking advantage of her sister's intelligence and kindness.

    Some major plot points included the "switcheroo." Though most of these antics were quite harmless, Tamera did ask Tia to take a test for her during the show's first season.

    Tia got caught, and the twins had to scheme to prevent their parents from finding out. Needless to say, kids who aren't on TV wouldn't get away with this!

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    Breaking Bad: Drive A Fancy Car Your Parents "Can't Afford"
    Via YouTube

    No kid in real life has a parent like Walter White. But this is Breaking Bad we're talking about. Walt eventually gets comfortable with running his empire and decides to flaunt some of his newfound wealth, despite his wife's discomfort with this.

    Walter Jr. is totally happy with getting a new car even though he's a relatively inexperienced driver. If you had a new, cool red car you'd be glad too! Still, most teenagers don't get a brand new car. If they're lucky, they get a hand-me-down until they get older.

    Anything to keep insurance bills low until you're old enough to pay your own, right?

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    Rick and Morty: Constantly Go On Intergalactic Adventures With Grandpa

    Rick and Morty is a story of an extended family. Morty is the grandchild and Rick is a bit of an eccentric grandfather with several bad habits.

    Many of the show's stories revolve around Rick taking his grandson on various adventures in his flying car—much to the dismay of Morty's parents. Some of these adventures even involve Morty taking on the role of the parent, checking his grandfather's ego when needed.

    To top it off, Morty sometimes misses school and other commitments thanks to his grandfather.

    Given these dynamics, most parents wouldn't allow their kid to go on such adventures.

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    Spiderman 2: Homecoming: Getting Away With Throwing A Huuuuuuge Party

    One major storyline that almost never happens in real life is the typical high school party whenever parents leave town for the weekend. Fans of Mean Girls can attest that such parties don't happen.

    Many TV shows feature scenes where a party gets out of control and the cops have to break up the crowd. Most kids would probably never get away with this.

    Neighbors would probably call the cops whenever they hear an absurd amount of noise. There's also the fact that planning an out of control party seems to require a certain level of organization. College is a different story, but still not quite like on TV.

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    GLOW: Run Away To Join A Wrestling Show (And Find Your Dad)

    Based on the real-life Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, we can bet the writers at GLOW took a few creative licenses here and there.

    Justine is the only major character on the show who is of high school age. She seems obsessed with the show's director and it's later revealed that she only wanted to audition for the show because he's her father.

    More details are revealed about how Justine eventually wound up in Southern California. The only thing we know is that most fathers would probably do something about their daughters who run away—even if it was something said daughter did in order to meet them.

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    High School Musical 2: Hire Your Crush So You Can Steal Him From Your Nemesis

    It's a known fact that high school kids don't just break out in song. This means the entire plot of the High School Musical saga is pretty unrealistic.

    The second installment of the TV-movie involves wealthy Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale) and her scheme to steal Troy (Zac Efron) from Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens).

    Sharpay learns that Troy needs a summer job to pay for his college studies, so she makes sure he gets hired for a job at her parents' country club.

    Why would no kid ever get away with this? Because we can bet most adolescents' parents don't own a country club to begin with.

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    The Simpsons: Get Away With This Many Pranks

    Bart Simpson is one of TV's most famous pranksters. Considering he's the same age since 1989, we know he's not ordinary.

    Though Marge and Homer are loving parents, they could certainly do with helping Bart avoid some of his major pitfalls. Bart gets away with phone pranks (before caller ID), adding food dye to dish soap so that dishes never seem to get clean, and even creates fake coffee stains.

    Let's not forget that he even engineered one of the sinks to spray Homer directly just because he could. Some of these pranks have affected pop culture, but we can bet most IRL kids would face heftier consequences.

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    Scandal: Get Away With Epic Fights

    Olivia Pope is already an adult by the time Scandal's first season starts, and we only get to see a younger version of her in flashbacks. Now, her parents are a bit off putting, but that doesn't mean they don't expect their only child to have manners.

    Not only that, Maya went back to business and even surprised Olivia from time to time. She accepted absolutely no attitude whenever bumping into Olivia, even if she was a fully-grown adult when they got back in touch.

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    Orange Is The New Black: End Up In Litchfield 
    Via Culturess

    Orange Is The New Black shed light on the lives of women in prison. Aleida and Dayanara Diaz have a unique story arc, considering they're a mother and daughter who are serving time at Litchfield.

    Aleida may have had a few issues here and there, but she evolves as the series continues. It is later shown that in her own way, Aleida wanted a different future for Daya but didn't know how to provide it.

    Daya wound up in the exact same place as Aleida because she followed her mother's footsteps. Sure, she has to take responsibility, but it's unrealistic that a child would repeat a cycle almost to the tee.

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    Black Lighting: Talk To Your Ex Whenever He Sneaks Up To Your Roof

    Jennifer Pierce has a father on TV who is known as "Black Jesus." They live in a crime-riddled city, and Black Lighting slowly reveals how the city came to be this way. It also explained why Pierce's family is different from everyone else's.

    Most parents are probably in the know when someone drops by to visit their teen daughter.

    If their daughter's ex eventually aligned themselves with unsavory types and became evil himself, most parents would make sure it's hard for said ex to visit their daughter.

    Jennifer's ex just shows up to her roof and she's left to her own defenses. Thankfully she can handle it.

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    South Park: Be This Rude All The Time

    South Park is known for its language, satire, and for plot points featuring unrealistic events occurring in a small town. Though every character on the show gets away with quite a lot, we're going to focus on Eric Cartman. One of the main characters on the show, rude is actually a kind way of saying he often comes up with plots that go way wrong.

    No one, not even highly-trained nannies, his mother, authorities, friends, and Cesar Millan can do anything to stop his behavior.

    There's no scenario where a child would get away with doing anything Cartman does in real life.

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    Bob's Burgers: Scare Mom Just To See If You Can
    Via AV Club

    Bob's Burgers is known for the endearing Belcher family. Though they seem a bit strange, they genuinely love and support each other. Still, they can egg each other on once in a while.

    The Belcher parents take their kids to a haunted house they set up for them on Halloween. One of their daughters gets the idea to scare her parents and gets her siblings to join her in this prank.

    What could possibly go wrong? Her parents genuinely get scared as a result of this prank and the family has to get out of a hilarious situation in order to go home.

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    Hannah Montana: Live A Really Tough Double Life
    Via IMDb

    Only Disney could ever write about a double-life as complex as Hannah Montana's. Miley Cyrus starred as the world-famous teen idol while hiding her fame with wigs and other accouterments so she could live a somewhat normal life.

    The show includes Miley Cyrus' real-life father as her character's father.

    Letting his child take on an alter-ego in order to protect her identity and keep other schoolchildren from bothering her sounds logical.

    But let's remember there's a reason why superheroes with secret identities don't usually have friends or lead normal lives. Thankfully, there are literally no scenarios where a teen would have to assume an alter-ego.

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    The Addams Family Values: Scare Everyone At Camp
    Via Bustle

    Addams Family Values is one of the few films known for being one of the few sequels that's just as good as the original. The film includes several things that real parents would never let their children do.

    We're going to focus on the scene in which Wednesday and Pugsley change the plot of the Thanksgiving play in order to scare everyone at camp.

    The siblings even enlist the help of a few fellow outcasts and eventually escape the drudgery of their cheerful camp. Even the most eccentric parents would totally have their kids face consequences for pulling such a stunt.

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    Arrow: Fight With Your Martial-Arts Trained Older Brother

    Sure, some parents send their kids to martial arts classes. Thea and Oliver Queen's training is serious.

    As the show progresses, Thea learns she's actually Oliver's half-sister. Her evil father, Malcolm Merlyn is able to manipulate her until she learns her brother Oliver is the Green Arrow.

    Malcolm was able to get her to fight her older brother, and Thea was able to hold her own just fine. But still, kids in real life would probably never be allowed to get into such brutal altercations. Plus, most kids would be able to smell the manipulation from miles away—or so we hope.

    Sources: popsugar.com, disney-planet.frcomicbook.com, fanpop.com, youtube.com, imdb.comcosmopolitan.com.

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