New Carrier Lets You Hold Your Child Without Breaking Your Back


It's almost as if we become parents and there is a silent understanding that you must break your back while carrying kiddos around all day. Right? It's pretty much the worst. We want to be close to them and they want to be close to us, but nature just didn't intend to hold them on our hips all day without some painful side effects. This new carrier might just be coming to our rescue, though. This nifty little device, cleverly named TushBaby, allows parents of the world to cuddle with their child all day long without breaking our backs.

Rejoice, parents! Gone are the days of all the pains in our backs, necks, arms, heck - even our legs from standing and holding our little ones on our hips. We know you're all breathing a sigh of relief as you do the shuffle of placing your child delicately on hip and then shifting to the other hip. TushBaby, currently raising money on Indiegogo, is that tool that we've all been looking for.

Credit: TushBaby

This soft and simple baby seat actually sits right on your by using a safe and sturdy buckle to strap it around your waist. Boom. That's it. No fussing with complicated baby carriers that seem like they need more than just two hands to get your child strapped into, hello child holding bliss.

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It works by evenly distributing your baby’s weight so you don’t have to constantly adjust your position to get comfortable way more frequently than one would like. TushBaby is made with high-quality, washable fabric, and YKK zippers, lined with a plush pad around the abdomen for you and has a squishy memory foam seat for your baby’s little tush. But beyond all the cuteness, it actually puts your kid's hips in the pediatric recommended “M” position, which means your peanut is sitting pretty for proper hip health.

tush baby
Credit: TushBaby

Beyond how practical it is, this game-changing product also stores very easily and can fold up and kept in the car or even diaper bag. And if you're looking for a hands-free experience, you can easily stash everything you need in their many storage pockets. Pretty awesome.

The brand will be using the funds they raise from the campaign to meet a minimum financial commitment for their larger manufacturing run. We're pretty stoked about the idea of no more back pain and more hands on interaction with the ones we love most.

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