Triple Trouble: 10 Hacks For Parents Of Triplets

A newborn can be very difficult, especially if it is your first one, but what if you multiply that by three? Yes, triplets can be very difficult to manage and in some cases, it may seem impossible, terrifying, and even upsetting. However, don't worry, life can be made much easier once you learn a few tricks, and when it comes to triplets there are several.

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Taking care of triplets is nothing without a few parent hacks. Therefore, it is important that you school yourself on every single piece of advice that can help during such a turbulent triplet time. Here are 10 tips for triplets.

10 Don't Dress Them The Same

One thing you should never do with triplets is to dress them the same, even if you think it looks cute and adorable. Yes, as soon as you do it, you will regret it, plus you won't be able to tell them apart. For some reason, people think that dressing triplets the same is something you have to do.

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However, it is important to remember that each one of your children has different personalities, different characteristics and most of all, they are individuals. So, the next time you have the urge to dress your triplets the same, try to resist it, they will thank you for it once they are older.

9 Paint Their Toenails

One of the best tips when it comes to triplets and telling them apart in those early stages is to paint their toenails a different color. For instance, paint the toenails of one kid yellow, the other kid black and the last one blue. Not only will this help you figure out who is who, but it will also get your brain accustomed to your new brood and the slight differences that they may have.

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Yes, identical triplets can be extremely difficult to tell apart at first, something that can cause parents to feel sad and guilty. However, just remember, it is difficult, and they are identical, and everybody needs a little helping hand once in a while.

8 Make A Baby Binder

It can be difficult to remember what each of your children likes, dislikes, finds funny, finds scary, or absolutely despises. Therefore, a baby binder can help you remember things that can assist you in the long run. For instance, one of your kids might like cucumber and the other might hate it. Thankfully, with one child it is much easier to remember what they like and don't like, but with three of them, it can be extremely difficult. Yes, baby binders are a great way to jot down important things that might forget, plus they can also help with regards to what sounds and smells your children like.

7 Invest In A Stroller

Investing in a good stroller is the key to happiness when it comes to triplets and can really make or break a day out. Yes, it might be expensive, but it will most likely pay for itself, both in money and reduced anxiety. The market is quite limited when it comes to triplet strollers, with only a few options available. The best triplet strollers are tandem strollers, that can also hold 3 infant car seats. The seats all fully recline and they even have comfy little footrests. As you might expect, the strollers are enormous, which might put you off a little, but at the end of the day, it really will cover all your needs.

6 Personalize Everything

From the very beginning, it is important to treat your triplets as individuals and not as a collective. While many parents might not feel the need to dress their kids up all the time, it is still advisable to give them a least some individuality when growing up. A good way to do this is by personalizing everything. For instance, you could give each one of your kids a different color with all their personalized items that of the same color. Not only will this help when it comes to letting them be there own people, but it will also help you trying to figure out who is who.

5 Never Leave Home Without A Paper Bag

If you have had at least one child, you know the amount of stuff that comes with them when you finally make the plunge to go outside. Therefore, you can only imagine how much you need when it comes to triplets. That's right, triplets come with three times the stuff that one comes with, so make sure you get a bigger enough baby bag because you are going to need one.

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However, it is also even more important to bring several paper bags for the dirty diapers that will most definitely come in multiples. In fact, it is wise to never leave home without them.

4 Plan The Laundry

One baby comes with enough laundry for ten babies, so you can imagine what three babies does to your laundry load. That's right, one of the worst things about triplets is the amount of laundry that comes with them. In fact, you will probably spend the majority of the first few years (and the rest) loading and unloading the washing machine. The most important thing to do is schedule when you are going to do the laundry and stick to it. Furthermore, try to resist washing clothes if they have only worn it once. Most of the time, it is probably clean enough to wear for another day.

3 Plan The Meals

Planning and scheduling is absolutely necessary when it comes to keeping you and your family sane. If you have family members to help, then use them and don't feel guilty about it. If you don't, they try to stick to a tight ship and plan your kid's meals in advance. In fact, why not take out one day to prepare the food for the week?

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And if your kids are newborns? If one baby wakes to eat in the middle of the night, wake them all up and feed them all at the same time. At first, they might scream the house down, but as long as you keep them on a schedule they should get used to it in no time.

2 Embrace The High Chair

Highchairs are a gift when it comes to triplets, and you shouldn't feel guilty for sticking them in one and leaving them there for an hour or so. Yes, highchairs are basically the playpens for triplets and can be a great way to keep them still, yet also entertained.

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However, that doesn't mean that playpens are a no go, and it is still probably a good idea that you invest in one, but they can also be a place where your three kids, beat each other, bite each other, and smack each other over the head with anything they can find. Therefore, a highchair is a great place for them to be together but not in punching distance.

1 It Can Be Lonely

People tend to forget that despite the increase in family size and the number of babies that are filling the house, it can still be rather lonely becoming the parents of triplets. Yes, loneliness is very common for those with triplets, mostly due to the fact that every single ounce of spare time is spent with your kids or sorting things out, doing something, and making something, for your kids. It is important to make sure that you get the opportunity for some time alone, either going for a small walk or even to the bathroom alone. If you don't have that luxury, try and go outside with your kids, even if it takes a long time getting them ready.

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