10 Triplet Baby Names That Will Make You Smile

Triplets are much more common than you might think and can really make or break a family in a good way of course. Yes, triplets can either be fraternal, identical or a mixture of both. Over the years, families have dealt with triplets in a variety of different ways, from dressing them identically to giving them separate identities from the very beginning.

However, when it comes to names, it can be difficult to shy away from connecting the names, at least a little bit anyway. So, to celebrate triplets in all their glory. Here are 10 triplet baby names that will make you smile.

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10 Polly, Parker, Patrick

One common thing to do when having triplets is to have the same letter of each name. Yes, it might sound cliche, but it's easier for the parents to remember and let's face, it is absolutely adorable.

The name Polly, which originates from the Latin word of "little" or "humble", has become highly popular as of late. Paired with Parker, one of those Old English occupational names, and the timeless name of Patrick, you've got yourself a nice little set of P names. In addition, names that begin with P are also easy to remember and easy on the tongue.

9 Birch, Basil, Briar

Despite following the popular pattern of the same first letter trend, Birch, Basil, Briar still offers parents something that little bit different. That's right, Birch, Basil, and Briar are all types of trees and offer your family a sense of originality.

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For instance, Birch stems from the Germanic use of the name which referred to someone who lived near a Birch tree. The same goes for Basil and Briar, which was given to those who resided next to the large and mysterious trees. Furthermore, the name Basil also means "brave" and "courageous" and was said to have first originated in Greece.

8 Adam, Belinda, Cleantha

Got two girls and one boy and have no idea what to name them? Why not avoid the common route of choosing the same initial and instead go for the A, B, C option. Yes, naming your children in alphabetical order has become a popular choice as of late, with A, B, C one of the most favored.

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For instance, why not name your firstborn, Adam? Followed by something a little bit more "out there" such as Belinda? Then, just to blow everybody's mind, choose something a little less common like Cleantha, which means lovely flower in French, awww.

7 Chandler, Ross, Joey

Everybody knows that television shows and movies can influence your kid's names. For instance, Game of Thrones has recently inspired a number of parents across the globe to name their kids Daenerys, Tyrion and yes, you guessed it, John Snow.

However, Game of Thrones isn't the only television show to help mothers and fathers pick the perfect name, with the highly successful comedy, Friends, a true influencer when it comes to triplet identities. Yes, names such as Chandler, Joey and Ross are great for a set of male triplets, along with Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica for a set of girls.

6 Gretchen, Regina, Karen

Everybody likes a laugh right? Then why not name your kids after one of the greatest comedy movies of all time? Yes, Mean Girls, a movie about, well a bunch of mean girls, has inspired a number of parents all over the world with regards to what they will call their triplets. That's right, Regina, Gretchen, and Karen have become firm favorites for triplet girls, and let's face it, you will always get a few chuckles out of it.

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Other examples of famous female trios are, Gilmore Girls, Lorelai, Rori, and Emily, Hocus Pocus, Winnie, Mary and Sarah, Downton Abbey, Mary, Edith and Sybil, and Clueless, Cher, Tai, and Dionne.

5 Harry, Ron, Hermione

Harry Potter is one of the most famous film franchises of all time, not to mention books and is extremely loved by adults and children alike. Yes, Harry Potter is famous across the globe and will likely continue to be incredibly popular until the end of time.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise to see that the books and movies have influenced baby names all over the world, with Harry probably the most popular. However, with regards to triplets, Harry, Hermoine, and Ron have also become very common.

4 January, May, June

If you don't want to go down the A, B, C route or the television and movie route, why not go down the month route? Yes, the months of the year can offer potential parents a whole host of names such as July, April, February, and August.

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However, January, May, and June have proven to be the most popular and can really offer your kids something that little bit different. Month names can also be a great way to honor important events from your life, such as wedding days, birthdays and anniversaries. Plus, they can also be used to respect certain family members that you may have lost.

3 Zeus, Apollo, Hermes

Greek mythology baby names are not as popular as regular names but they can really offer your triplets something that little bit different. For instance, Greek mythology mostly deals with heroes, Gods and trials and tribulations of the Ancient Greeks.

As a result, such stories have influenced the Western world with their stories of powerful men and women. The name Zeus refers to the most famous Greek God of all time, and perhaps Greek mythology as a whole. Zeus was the God of thunder and sky and was also father to Hermes, the God of travel. As for Apollo? Apollo refers to the God of music and art and was known for his creativity. Strong!

2 Lila, Mila, Ella

Sometimes there is no harm in being relatively "normal" and choosing something that isn't incredibly unique. For instance, why not go for the gentle names of Lila, Mila, and Ella. The names are already popular as infant names and work well as a set of triplet girls.

Plus, they still offer parents that alliteration that works so well within triplets, with all the names ending in "a" and having one syllable. However, although alliteration works well for twins and triplets, some parents tend to avoid it due to how common it has become. Whatever the case, it still sounds cute to us!

1 Owl, Sparrow, Hawk 

Looking for a theme and not quite sure what to pick? What about birds? Yes, bird names have become popular recently, mostly due to how strong and powerful they sound. For instance, Owl offers parents something incredibly unique, and can also be gender neutral due to its rare use of a given name.

Sparrow is also of a similar nature and can be used for both boys and girls. However, Hawk is usually associated with male names and is also a common surname. Animals, as well as birds, are also common when it comes to triplet names with Tiger, Woolf, and Polar all popular options.

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