This Toddler Saved Her Dad's Life Using FaceTime

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Technology can be both a blessing and curse. We rely on it so much it can feel like it's taken over our lives. But we tend to lose sight of how incredible it is, allowing us to connect to people all over the world, build relationships, and yes, even save lives. A little girl in Pennsylvania is being credited with saving her dad's life when he suffered a medical emergency while home with his daughter. Molly is just three years old, and was able to summon help for her dad Trevor McCabe after he collapsed on the floor on July 4. Three years old! Molly the very brave toddler used her dad's iPhone to FaceTime her mom Devon, who was working as a nurse during the emergency.

Molly obviously didn't know what was going on, but she knew that her dad was hurt and needed help, so she did the only thing she could do: she picked up his iPhone and placed a FaceTime call to her mama. Devon says she actually missed Molly's first call, but luckily the plucky little girl called back about 15 minutes later. Devon says Molly was hysterical and crying, and telling her mom, "Look at Daddy, look at Daddy". Devon realized immediately that something was horribly wrong, and sent emergency services to her home to help Trevor. He was brought to Winchester Medical Center, the same hospital where Devon was on-duty as a nurse.

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Doctors were able to determine that a blood clot traveled to a major artery in Trevor's brain, causing a stroke. He led a healthy lifestyle, so it was completely unexpected. Trevor was flown to a nearby hospital to undergo emergency brain surgery. The type of stroke that he had kills about 85% of people, and while Trevor is still in critical condition and has a long road to recovery ahead of him, Molly very likely saved his life with her quick thinking.

Astonishingly, Devon isn't even sure how Molly knew how to make a FaceTime call! She says they FaceTime with the girl's grandparents every other day, but it's Devon who makes the call. Apparently Molly has been paying very close attention, and knew what she needed to do when her dad needed her help. Great job, Molly! We're keeping the entire McCabe family in our thoughts as Trevo continues his recovery.

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