The New Trend That's Taking Over Post-Divorce Therapy

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Just because you are pulling the plug on your relationship with your spouse, that doesn’t mean your life together is over. As a matter of fact, you probably have every reason in the world to work your post-divorce issues out, especially if you share custody of your children. Luckily, there’s a new trend that is helping divorced individuals start with a clean slate, without all of the post-divorce therapy sessions. It’s called a ‘Start-anew-moons’ and here’s what it’s all about.

statistics show that about 50 percent of marriages will end in divorce. With all the pressure to keep up with the bills, your children and certain lifestyles, it’s no wonder that many couples throw in the towel all too soon. That’s why so many people are taking what’s called a ‘Star-anew-moon’ which can either be a solo trip or a trip with your ex, depending on how your post-marriage relationship looks like. Travel agents are helping their clients plan trips that help them get over a break up or better yet, start a new chapter in their post-divorce lives.

In fact, there is such an uptick in this market, that many travel agents are having a bit of difficulty keeping up with the demand. In other words, a lot of people are looking to celebrate their divorce by digging their toes in the sand and sipping on an exotic cocktail that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to have at a Chili’s near a courtroom.

"When we begin the process to help a customer book a trip, we always ask if they are celebrating a special occasion," says Christina Pedroni, Senior Vice President of Liberty Travel (according to Shared.com). "Lately, we have been hearing more and more people tell us the reason for the trip is to mark the finalization of a divorce."

These trips are being described as “ideal dose of momentum that people need to deal with life challenges.” And if having to deal with some of those challenges and changes includes a four-star resort in Cabo then by all means, we can see why so many people are using their divorce as a reason to get away. Regardless if whether you do it on your own or with your ex, remember: you won’t have the energy to argue about yesterday’s kitchen mess after a relaxing massage at a secluded beach. You could try, but it might be hard.

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