What You Need To Know About The Recall Of Popular Balance Bikes

When it comes to parenting, there are two stages that are almost universally loathed: potty-training, and teaching your kids how to ride a bike. Why are these things so hard to do?! While we're (mostly) on our own with the whole potty-training thing, when it comes to teaching our kids how to ride a bike, things have come a long way since our childhoods. Do you remember your parents teaching you?! They pretty much just put us on a bike on a long, flat road and sent us on our way. If we were lucky, the road was lined with soft dirt banks or thorn-less hedges we could crash into until we figured out how to brake.

These days, our kids have it easy - high tech training wheels, sleek helmets and pads, and balance bikes. So many parents use the pedal-less bikes to teach their kids to ride, with great success! You probably have one in your garage right now. So you'll definitely want to read about the latest product recall - this one affects one of the more popular balance bikes on the market, the Trek Kickster Bike.

The Trek Kickster Balance Bike is a two-wheel pedal-less bike, designed to help toddlers with their balance (which is necessary when learning to ride a bike). They sit on the seat, push the bike with their legs, and steer with the handlebars. But this popular model is now being recalled, after reports of broken clamps. The recall, issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), affects approximately 11,560 units of the bike. They're being recalled because of a faulty steer tube clamp, which is tightened too much, can break and cause the handlebars to come off. The CPSC has received 11 reports of broken clamps, and one report of a minor injury consisting of scrapes and bruises.

The recalled Trek Kickster bikes were sold between August 2012 and April 2019 at independent bike shops around the country, as well as online at the Trek website and other online retailers. The retail price was about $170, and the bikes come in pink, blue, red, and black. "TREK" is written across the crossbar. If you believe you have one of the affected bikes, the CPSC is urging parents to stop using them immediately. Trek is offering free replacement clamps, with free installation, as well as a $20 in-store credit to use toward a bike bell. For more information, you can visit the Trek website, or call their customer service line at 800-373-4594.

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