Travelling With Your Kids Actually Makes Them Better Students

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If you've been trying to figure out who you can help your child become a better student in school but you just can't get a hang of the new math, there is something you can do. While we all know that travelling together as a family helps forge strong relationships between parents and their children, and between siblings, it also seems that travelling with your kids is also helping make them better students. How's that for a ringing endorsement as to why you need to be booking that family winter getaway now?

The Student and Youth Travel Organization, (SYTA) recently surveyed close to 1500 teachers about the impact of travelling on students, and the results are definitely eye opening. Of the teachers surveyed, 79% felt that it should be a priority to "increase cultural awareness in children," while 74% of teachers felt that travel had a "very positive impact" on a student's personal development. Fifty six percent of teachers surveyed felt that travel had a positive impact on a student's education and future career.

Credit: SYTA

The majority of teachers agree that travelling fosters a sense of cultural awareness as well as exposes students to things they wouldn't be exposed to without travel and broadens their horizons. Sixty percent of teachers felt that travel made students more willing to learn and are curious to know more, while 56% said it gave students an increased sense of independence, self-esteem and confidence. Students who were able to experience travel were also said to be more curious in school, more tolerant of other cultures, more respectful and more outgoing.

Credit: SYTA

Many teachers also felt that students learn almost as much travelling as they do in the classroom. Forty-five percent of teachers said that travel could be an extremely effective teaching resource versus a classroom environment. Another bonus to family travel is that kids who travel tend to want to attend college more than those who don't and are more marketable to employers. We know that finances can often be a barrier to family travel, but Travel & Leisure magazine states that you don't have to travel internationally for a family trip to still make an impact.

Local travel or simply travelling to a city on a different coast or even to a state where there are different cultures can help kids have a greater understanding of the world around them, but be warned that just like us adults, the more kids get to travel, the more they want to.

So the next time you're debating whether you should invest in a family trip or not, just remember you're also investing in your child's academic success and future.

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