Trader Joe’s Hides Stuffed Animals In Most Stores & If Kids Find Them, They Get A Prize

Trader Joe’s is everyone's favorite neighborhood grocery store. With their reasonable prices, healthy food selections, easy to navigate store layout and helpful associates, it's the type of store that you love going to. If you think that those reasons are already enough and that it's impossible to find another reason to love the successful chain, you are wrong!

Trader Joe's is giving us another reason to love them and look forward to shopping there and it's been hiding right under our noses. A Trader Joe's employee recently shared with the Ask Me Anything thread found on Reddit that most of the Trader Joe's locations hide a stuffed animal somewhere in the store that is just waiting to be found. If a child happens to find the hidden stuffed animal, they get a prize!

Credit: Trader Joe's

Before you dismiss this as an internet rumor, you'll be happy to know that a public relations director for Trader Joe's confirmed it to be true! The kids, unfortunately, don't get to keep the stuffed animal, but they do get a special treat that varies depending on the location. The first Trader Joe's opened in Pasadena California in 1969, but since then, they've opened over 500 stores in 41 States which means that there are tons of opportunities for your kid to be the lucky person who finds the stuffed animal.

Now that you know that there is a stuffed animal to look for doesn't mean that you'll find one. You can look for tips on how to win this fun game of hide and seek, but there's really no secret to finding the elusive stuffed animal at Trader Joes. Some shoppers have reported that their neighborhood store hides the same stuffed animal in the same places making it very easy to find while other shoppers have reported that they've looked and looked but never found one.

It's been reported that if you ask, a Trader Joe's associate can give you clues to help you in your search! It's unknown how long this game has been going on at Trader Joe's but the first appearances made by the stuffed animals onto social media happened 5 years ago in 2014.

Dragging your kids to the grocery store with you is something that both parents and kids dread. Parents everywhere are thrilled to learn that Trader Joe's has found a clever way to help keep kids engaged and having fun while their parents are able to shop in peace!

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