Toys ‘R’ Us Stores Will Be Back In Time For Christmas

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Last year, a little piece of our childhoods died when Toys 'R' Us closed their doors for good. Our kids weren't nearly as sad as we were, since they've sort of grown up in the age of iPads, Target, and Amazon. But we'd be lying if we said that Toys 'R' Us closing wasn't just a little bit heartbreaking. The end of an era! There was nothing better than heading to that giant toy store to peruse the aisles with your parents, even if they hardly ever bought you anything. Or getting that massive holiday toy catalog at the end of every year and painstakingly going through it page by page, circling everything on your holiday wish list.

It's just the not same anymore! And the end of Toys 'R' Us hit us hard.

About a month ago, we started hearing rumblings that our favorite toy store was coming back, which got us so excited! And now we have a few more details about the second coming of Toys 'R' Us. It's not the full reopening we were hoping for, but it sounds pretty cool nonetheless!

Tru Kids Brands, the company that controls Toys 'R' Us and its baby-centric sister store, Babies 'R' Us, has announced that it will be opening two new locations just in time for the big holiday shopping season this year. The locations will be at The Galleria in Houston and the Westfield Garden State Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey.

"Westminster, U.S.A. - March 9, 2012: Outside the entrance to a Toys R Us retail store, with customer vehicles in the parking lot."
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The new stores are part of a joint venture with b8ta, a software-focused retailer that offers a shopping experiences based on experience and observation. Together, b8ta and Tru Kids Brands hope to create an engaging shopping experience designed with kids and families in mind.

Don't expect the two new locations to be the massive super stores we remember - they're going to much much smaller (6,500-10,000 square feet instead of 40,000), and the shelves aren't going to be lined with every type of toy you can imagine. Instead, the store will be like mini-malls, with a bunch of smaller shops inside showcasing toys and goods from yet-to-be-announced toy brands. But the new Toys 'R' Us shops will still have a lot of the same stuff we loved from the old stores!

There will be interactive activities and events each day, and even an open play space where Geoffrey the Giraffe will make scheduled visits. The two stores planned for this year are hopefully just the beginning - Tru Kids has plans for 10 more stores in 2020, including a flagship store in New York or California. Looks like we'll still have plenty of opportunities to be Toys 'R' Us kids!

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