This 'Toy Jail' Cleaning Trick Is Being Hailed As A Genius Idea

toy jail

If there is a struggle that parents deal with everyday, it’s trying to get their children to pick up after themselves. After all, no one wants to trip over a volcano of LOL Dolls or Roblox toys while trying to make their way to the bathroom from the hallway. Luckily, there’s a new clever idea that will helps moms and dads encourage their kids to tidy up, even when they don’t want to or flat out refuse to.

Called the "toy jail" the concept is rather simple: you put your child’s favorite toy inside a jail cell until they agree to cooperate with authorities. OK, that might sound a little harsh, but parents are putting their child’s favorite toys, stuffed animals, dolls and toy trucks in the slammer until they learn how to pick them up and put them away. In case you were wondering, yes, there are a lot of repeat offenders.

The rules are pretty simple: if a child left out a toy on the floor or anywhere that it’s supposed to be, mom and dad will follow up by locking up the said toy in jail. In order for your child to claim it back, they must do a chore around the house. The idea has caught on like fire on social media, with plenty of parents sharing a variety of different ways they’ve been implementing toy jail to their families.

One mom even has a big tub with an envelope full of chores that the offending child must choose from. And no, there are no exchanges if they don’t like the chore they grab, and in some cases, there’s even a trial by jury with Woody and Buzzlight Year prosecuting (or so we would like to believe).

If you feel as though your child can’t keep up with the mess he or she often leaves behind, there are several things you can do along with the toy jail idea. You can use visual reminders, help your child get rid of outdated things, and better yet, be a role model yourself by showing them how the household work is done.

But then again, most of us have been doing that all along, right?

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