Towelkinis Are The Latest Summer Beach Craze For This Summer


If you've ever found yourself poolside, at the beach or near any body of water, wishing you didn't have to carry that pesky towel around while still wishing you still had something absorbent that would provide you coverage, the Towelkini may be for you. If you're wondering what a Towelkini is, you're not alone. While it's somewhat confusing to look at, it just may be what you need to hit the beach this summer.

The Towelkini, created by Aria McManus, is a 100% cotton terry beach towel that doubles as your swimsuit. It "melds the two essentials for all things beach, no need to carry a cumbersome towel and an easy to lose swimsuit—here they come as one, materialized as ideal," the website states.

While the Towelkini looks kind of interesting, there's one minor design flaw that truly prevents it from being your one go-to item for the beach, replacing towels and pesky swimsuits. It seems the back of the Towelkini is completely open, leaving your backside exposed to sun, sand, and people!

Despite leaving one side of your body exposed, the Towelkini looks like it could be a good way to free up how many things you have to carry when you're visiting the beach or local pool. Towels take up a lot of space when it comes to all the different things mom has to lug around with her! It comes in hot pink and athletic gold and is one size fits all, but it doesn't come cheap.

According to their website, a Towelkini will set you back a whopping $199, which is a lot for a wearable towel. Commenters on Instagram can't seem to get enough of the wearable towel with one person writing "Obsessed!" while another tagged a friend and asked to "get matching ones for the beach."

The Towelkini looks like it could be a good idea for the multi-tasking mama who has her hands full anytime she heads out to the pool or beach with the kids, but the steep price tag won't be practical for everyone. It's nice to see there are options for poolside and beachside lounging that is sure to turn a few heads that will fit any bikini body.

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