10 Mother/Daughter Tattoos That Are Truly Touching

Many people turn to ink in order to express themselves, and some people take this further by getting matching tattoos with loved ones. One of the neatest ways to show off a bond is by getting a mother-daughter tattoo!

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From minimal designs that line up and elaborate works of art that mirror one another, to tats that reference pop culture and specific television series, there are so many different ideas out there. Down below, though, people can find 10 awesome tattoo examples that would work quite well for moms and their daughters and that are truly touching, as well.

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10 Infinity Symbols


Okay, we are starting off strong, with a super neat tattoo idea… Infinity symbols are the go-to graphic when depicting eternity and strong bonds. Therefore, we love the idea of a mom and a daughter getting matching tattoos of these gorgeous signs. Here, these family members added words to theirs, and names could be added, as well, or even colors. No matter how these symbols are designed, they are instantly recognizable and a sure message of a love that will last forever and ever - which is super sweet, when it comes to a love between a girl and her mama.

9 Thumbprints


In today’s day and age, people can turn their actual thumbprints into permanent ink on their bodies. That is exactly what this mother-daughter duo did, and they made the prints into heart shapes. That alone would be super cute, and the whole family could get involved, in order to carry a piece of siblings and parents and kids along in life. But this duo also added words: “She gave me life” (on the daughter) and “She gave me a reason to live” (on the mother). This is truly such a special way to showcase the love between family members.

8 Puzzle Pieces

My Modern Met

Another unique way to let the world know about a mother-daughter bond is with puzzle pieces. These symbolize that two people are a perfect match, so ink like this is common on friends, significant others and family members. Furthermore, the puzzle pieces can be personalized, in order to fit specific people in an even better way. In this example, these women also added script - “like mother” and “like daughter”. It is obvious, just by looking at this, that these two are very close and probably very similar, so their ink is a great way to let that be known even more.

7 Pinky Promises

Tattoo Beasts

Pinky promises are a sign of a deep and true promise and vow between two people. Therefore, this image is another one that is seen quite often on two loved ones. Moms and their kids promise to love each other forever, to support each other in life, to be open and honest with one another and to put family first, always. Because of all of that and more, another terrific idea right here is matching tats that show off a pinky promise - one that will last forever, for the whole word to always see and know about, in this permanent way!

6 Birthmarks


Now this is just too sweet… A baby was born with a distinct birthmark on her hand. So what did this baby’s mom do? She went and got that same marking imprinted on her own hand, in the exact same spot! This has also been seen in other ways, like when the mother of a diabetic child gets a tattoo of an insulin pump, so that the child feels included and special. Yes, this is a definite sign of just how powerful the love a parent has for a child is, and it just had to be included on this list.

5 Talks


When moms and daughters are close, they talk about anything and everything in life - acting more like friends than family, at times. And one of the most iconic symbols of conversing is two people holding up this classic way of talking: a string is put in between two cans, and people can talk back and forth, which was done long before cell phones, social media messages, and texts existed! 

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This nod to the past is a cute and unique way for a mom and a daughter to remind themselves to call each other and to catch up on one another.

4 Yin And Yang


This next example is one that would work between more than one person. Yes, the yin and yang symbol is about balance. So when it is seen in the form of ink like this, it is making a clear statement: The light side and the dark side combine to make the full circle, just as two kids make this mother’s heart and life complete! The beauty of this message, the fact that two kiddos can be involved with a parent here and the beautiful way this looks on the skin are all reasons to definitely consider getting this matching tattoo.

3 Lifelines

Ask Ideas

Lifelines are also popular tats, as they can help loved ones literally wear their friends and family members on their sleeves… and wrists and rib cages and anywhere else ink can go! Seeing this on a girl and her mom would be so pretty, as it connects two people even more. On its own, the tattoo looks super cool, with the jagged lines going across. But when it is placed right next to a matching one, on a loved one… Man, it gets taken up so many notches and becomes a super special way to show off a familial bond.

2 Sun, Moons & Stars

Another way to involve more than one daughter is with an idea like this one: Stars, moons and the sun are all big players in space; these big and bright objects help light up the sky in the best way. Furthermore, moons and suns are often used like yin and yang symbols, as they help complete each other and balance each other out. And since stars also play a big role in all of that, three tattoos like this would be amazing on a mother and her kids. Plus, other galaxy shapes could be added, as well, in case a large family wanted to get matching ink!

1 Gilmore Girls


Lorelai and Rory Gilmore from the TV series Gilmore Girls are perhaps the most notable mother-daughter duo out there. These two are truly best friends, and fans saw them go through sad lows and exciting highs together. That being said, one of the most original and spectacular tattoo ideas for a daughter and a mother would be one based on this show! This one is a nod to the theme song, with the words “where you lead” and “I will follow”. These two people also then added graphics that are important to the show (a dragonfly and a cup of coffee), which is too cool.

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