Totally Twinning: 20 Times Twins Shared Unexplainable Experiences

The connection that twins have is something that non-twins think about from time to time. What is it like to look at someone who is the mirror image of us? Putting the looks-department to the side for a moment, what is it like to have that kind of emotional and spiritual connection with someone they grew in the womb with? The entire situation is fascinating.

Even Hollywood is drawn to this peculiarity, producing movies like The Parent Trap and most recently on Netflix, The Princess Switch. Audiences are obsessed with the lifestyle of twins.

Considering the life of a twin isn't always a made-for-television moment, many took to Reddit to talk about some strange occurrences that seem to have only happened because of the fact that they're twins. We've heard funny questions like if twins dreamed the same dream, wore the same outfit without knowing, or can feel each other's pain, and as we've found out — it's happened. More than once, might I add!

Twins are in a rare position to have a life partner that they were born with. They might not always look the same or have the same personalities, but that bond, for most, is unbreakable. Their experiences as a duo are unlike anything us non-twins will ever understand.

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20 Spanish Class


I'm lucky enough to have a few sets of twins as friends; both male and female. Some look exactly alike whereas others are very different physically, but the one thing I always wondered was if they had similar thinking strategies in the classroom.

"My twin sister and I both took Spanish in eighth grade from the same teacher, but we were in different class periods," one twin told Reddit. After the teacher began a new lesson, she would show a short movie and then ask the class afterward if there were any questions. "I was the only one with a question and when I would ask it, our teacher would turn white and say, 'Your sister was the only one with a question last period and it was the exact same question.'

How freaky!

19 When You Have The Same Style


Most of my friends that are twins have a similar style with their own tweaks to showcase their personalities. They love being a twin, but they also love being an individual.

For these twins, however, they seem to have the exact same style. Their own personal touches seem to be their twin's personal touches, as well.

"My identical twin sister and I showed up at Thanksgiving dinner, after not seeing each other for almost a year, wearing the same clothes. Which we had bought in two different stores, months apart, and in two different countries."

Talk about sharing the same wavelength...

18 Multiplayer Dreaming


Having the exact same dream as someone else seems fairly impossible, right? Your thoughts are yours alone. Even when it comes to dreaming, it's not like we know what we're going to dream about, or if we're even going to remember what we dreamt about.

But for these twins, however, they seemed to have beat the odds by being in each other's dreams... and remembering it!

"With my sister, we had the same dream, but from our own perspectives. Like multiplayer dreaming. I knew it because when I told my mom about what I had dreamt, she finished off the story. I wish multiplayer dreaming was an actual thing."

17 When You Just Know


Have you ever felt that rare moment where you knew you had to check-in on someone? Whether it was a parent, sibling, or friend you haven't spoken to in a little while? I know I have, and it always seemed to be at the right time. I always thought it was women's intuition, but for these twins, it might have been something a little deeper.

"I had been in a car accident and my sister called saying she just had a feeling that she should call and see if I was okay." If that wasn't hard-to-believe enough, a few months later her twin sister even "guessed" that she was pregnant, as well!

16 Great Minds Think Alike


My husband and I both work mainly from home, so we're together way more than the average couple. We're together so much that we start saying the same things, have the same mannerisms, and crave the same foods (at the same time). It's weird because we definitely didn't start our relationship off that way, but that's how we unified.

For these twins, though, they're on the same page as my husband and I, except their connection runs deeper. "If one of us is thinking about a specific song, for some reason the other one just listened to it or is currently listening to it. We also have similar thoughts and often say the same thing in unison or think about it at the same time. We also dream the same/similar dreams."

15 Mirror, Mirror On The Twin


It's always a nice thing for a twin when a person gets to know them as an individual, not as a duo. This allows them to know what it's like to be independent — not relying on their twin. However, when a person does see their friend with their twin, that's when they see the similarities come alive.

"Apparently it's really weird for people who primarily only know/associate with one of us, to see us together. We tend to mirror each other's mannerisms and voice. My sister's husband especially gets a bit weirded out because he says the more time we spend together, the less he can tell us apart."

14 Preventing An Accident


There are a ton of movies revolving around young kids predicting some kind of incident. The adults never know how their children know, but they do.

"When I was 9, my identical twin sister and I were sitting on our front lawn right by the road, pitching acorns across into our neighbor's yard. We saw a motorcycle coming down the road from very far away and we both looked at each other and [knew right away what was about to happen.]'"

There's no reason why these twins would have known something might happen to the bike, but it did... in the exact spot the twins were sitting in. Thankfully, the two ran inside to call for help, missing the collision entirely.

13 Feeling One Another's Boo-Boos


Can you imagine feeling someone else's pain? Imagine your sibling getting a scratch at soccer practice and feeling that immediate sting. The thought of that is so beyond my understanding, but it's something that happened to this set of twins. "When we were young, I [hurt] my leg playing hide-and-seek. So while my parents are with me for some sort of surgery to fix the leg, my brother was left with some family friends."

Around the same time of this little kid's surgery, their brother apparently screeched in pain from a cramp in his leg. The family friends noticed the time-frame was around the same time the other sibling was getting their surgery.

12 'Point To Where She Is'


If you thought being a twin was cool, imagine being a triplet: three's company! "We can point to the direction of each other no matter where we are. Hide-and-seek is boring [...]because we find each other in minutes," one of the triplets told Reddit. This is one of those little secrets that make a duo or threesome so extraordinary. "Its very odd, but has come in handy when we would get lost when we were little in stores! My mom would just say 'Point to where she is,' and we would and she would find them."

Having a child know exactly where their sibling is comes in handy when you're a parent of multiples. It's hard enough keeping track on one child, so imagine three!

11 Identical Twins And Identical Dreams


Sleep paralysis is one of those crazy things where you're sleeping but your mind is and your body isn't. For this twin, she shared that she was experiencing sleep paralysis, and within her "dream," her sister shook her awake. After talking for a little bit, the two dozed off.

"The next morning I woke up and started talking to her while I stood up and realized she wasn't ever with me that night, instead she was at her house. Instantly, she calls me at that very moment and told me of a weird dream she had, and how she woke me up from a [nightmare]. This happened recently but a lot of unexplainable things have happened between us throughout the years."

10 It's The Final Countdown!


"When my brother and I were around 13 or 14 years old, we had two friends over. We were going to get pizza, Mountain Dew, and play video games all night," one of the twins described. "I'm setting up our Xbox in our basement and the song 'The Final Countdown' pops into my head. So I start singing 'It's the final countdown, doo-do do do.'"

Now, I'm sure random songs pop into your head all the time. There's no rhyme or reason for it, but once it's stuck, it can be hard to get rid of! The twin finished his story by saying, "For reasons I still can't explain, my brother started singing it at the exact same time. It wasn't something we had planned, it just happened. We both started singing the exact same song at the exact same time without any planning."

9 Always Worrying

Via: crazywithtwins

As a parent, you're always going to worry about your kids — even when they're adults themselves and have kids of their own. It's a parent's part-time job to worry! The same can be said for siblings. Although many siblings don't worry too much about their sibling, twins might be different.

After having a nightmare in college, this girl woke up in a cold sweat. Adorably enough, her "fraternal twinster" called her the next morning and said she was "worrying" about her. She "had woken up in the middle of the night, at the same time I had the nightmare, worried for me, and had started praying for me."

8 Feeling The Effects By Proxy


If you're an adult who's had one too many before, then you know the day after is never fun. When you're 22 years old, it's easy to bounce back after a night out on the town. But the older we get, the harder it is to recoup for some reason.

Unfortunately for these twins, they sometimes feel each other's physical discomforts. "If one of us is sick sometimes the other gets symptoms. If one of us has a migraine for a few days, for example, sometimes it will shift to the twin to give the one who's been miserable a break. One time [...] my sister woke up with a hangover the next day (she hadn't drank at all)."

7 A Human Pregnancy Test


Imagine knowing that your sister is pregnant before she does. That's the kind of deep connection these twins shared. "Probably the biggest one is that each time she would get pregnant, I would know first," the one shared with Reddit. She explained, "When she was newly pregnant with my niece, I was walking through the store and couldn't stop dry heaving — everything in the store was making me sick and I knew it wasn't me."

When she got home, she called her sister and demanded she take a pregnancy test and as luck would have it, she was, in fact, pregnant.

6 Concerns About The Big Day


As a doctor or scientist, the chance to study twin movements must be fascinating. Although they're completely separate individuals, forming in the womb together makes them have an unexplainable bond.

This mother told Reddit that her three-year-old girls went in for surgery at separate times. She said, "One went in, and almost immediately after she was done the other went in. The doctors and nurses were all amused because both girls did the exact same things, said the exact same things, and were fascinated by the exact same things while the anesthesia [took effect]."

5 Rock, Paper... Ah Never Mind!


Just as those aforementioned triplets knew where the others were at all times, these twins had a similar reaction — only it was with games.

"My twin brother and I once played a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors at a Christmas party for like, 15 min., and somehow kept landing on the same choice every single time."

Being on the same wavelength means that things generally flow nicely. The two people (or group) understand one another and can agree wholeheartedly on whatever it is they're doing. For these twins, it appears their same wavelength revolved around an epic battle of Rock-Paper-Scissors!

4 Unexplainable First Word

Via: Four Princesses and The Cheese

My husband and I have a ton of inside-jokes together since we're around one another all the time. I actually feel bad for people when they're around us because they probably have no idea what we're even talking about. Similarly, these twins had an identical experience with the same word.

Attending a professional soccer game at the age of six, these twins didn't know much about the game except for a few players names. "We were sitting in one of the first rows and hadn't really said anything because everything was [too much to take in.] However, this famous player of our hometown team was close to our seats and we both yelled his first name at the same time. Our first word since we entered the stadium: 'HANS!'

Same volume. Same moment. Not even the surname. Just 'Hans!'"

3 The Ultimate Gamers


Remember the twins who continued their Rock-Paper-Scissors game for 15 minutes? Well, this set of twins did something similar but it's with every game they play — all the time!

"It's not unexplainable but me and my brother have never lost a game like charades, Pictionary, Taboo, or Guesstures. Our friends won't play with us on a team for really any game."

Even if these two weren't on the same team, they're still close enough where they can probably guess what the other is doing, making them have an unfair advantage, regardless. It would probably be a good idea to not have them in the same testing area at school either... Imagine them sneaking answers to the other!

2 Partners In Crime


I think it's sweet when people live in a large family and always have someone to go to, no matter if it's a sibling or a parent. No matter what time of day, they always have someone to talk to when needed. For this twin, they're so close to their twin that they continue to talk to them even if they're not there.

It's just habit.

"Me and my twin brother are so used to always being around each other that we will occasionally begin talking to the other before realizing that we're actually alone. Especially if only one of us goes away for whatever reason. My bro's [girlfriend] thinks it's both a little sad and hilarious."

1 A Dental Crisis


Being a mirrored twin means that they have "matching reflections." Imagine looking at someone and raising your right hand. At the same time, the reflection (or person) will also raise their right hand (which will be on the opposite side of yours). They're identical but opposite.

"I have an identical mirror twin. When we were around 3-4 years old, my brother tripped and chipped his tooth. The dentist said it would probably [...] [come] out. Instead, my same tooth on the mirrored side [...] fell out despite me never hitting that tooth. His tooth fell out as a normal baby tooth years later."

I bet this twin was upset knowing their tooth fell off when it should have been their sibling's tooth instead!

Reference: Reddit

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