Moms Are Now Being Publicly Shamed Over The Snacks We Give Kids

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Tori Spelling has been shamed for a lot of things in her life, but little did she know that she would also be ‘mom shamed’ for the kind of snacks she gives her kids as treats. The Hollywood actress was blasted by her critics on social media for giving her children a popular after-school snack that they deemed not healthy enough for kids.

After Spelling posted several photos of her children eating Little Bites snacks in what looked to be a sponsored post, many Instagram trolls took to her comments section to slam her for allowing her kids to eat a snack that didn’t look like it was very nutritious.

The post featured two of her five children – Stella, 10, and Hattie, 7 – eating Little Bites strawberry yogurt muffins. She explained in the caption that as a mom of 5 children, she often finds it very hard to please her children and feed them something that is not only kid-approved but parent-approved, too. Spelling, like so many other celebrity moms, is also a social media influencer who likes to post about her family’s favorite products on her accounts.

Many critics blasted the actress and attacked her parenting skills in the comments section. That’s when Spelling’s husband, Dean McDermott decided to take matters into his own hands and called out his wife’s vicious trolls on his own Instagram page. The Canadian-born actor posted a video clip and not only defended his wife, but told her critics to back away from their family.

McDermott started off by saying that he was “sick and tired” of all the criticism and how everyone often “takes a shot” at his wife. He said, “Just because she’s a celebrity they think they can say and do whatever they want. She posted about a snack. It's a snack, people. Haven't we given our kids a snack before? Cakes, cookies, whatever. It's a snack."

McDermott also went on to say that Tori Spelling is a great mom and that together, they are great parents. He revealed that their children do eat healthy behind the scenes and that they get enough fruits and vegetables throughout the day. He ended his clip by saying, “So can we get over ourselves?”

So far Tori Spelling herself has not made any comments about the controversy.

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