Tori Roloff Shares An Update About Jackson After His Injury

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Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff found out this weekend just how stressful it can be to have a newly minted one year old in the house! Tori is married to show star Zach Roloff and together the couple have son Jackson who just turned one last month.

Tori has shared all of Zach's milestone moments during his first year, but recently she had to share one of the milestones that can be super scary. Roloff revealed Jackson is on the mend after injuring his arm in a fall at the house. Thanks to being an adventurous 1-year old, Jackson now has his arm in a sling.

Tori updated fans on her Instagram picture alongside two sweet photos of Jackson in his sling.

"Nothing slows this kid down," she wrote on her Instagram picture. "The past 24 hours have been pretty stressful but this kid has shown us time and time again just how much of a trooper he truly is. He hurt his arm yesterday afternoon playing and trying to walk like one year olds do. We thought maybe something called “nursemaids elbow” but after two times of a doctor trying to reduce it to no avail (which by the way is absolutely the worst thing to see your child in that much pain) it could possibly be a fracture but still not sure. So this poor thing is stuck in a splint until we can know for sure. He has not let it slow him down though and is back to his happy smiley self-thank goodness! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for baby j! Little man is on the mend and will be back to conquering the world soon!"

It was over the weekend that Roloff had Snapchatted pictures of herself and Jackson in urgent care. According to The Hollywood Gossip Roloff had posted to her Instagram story, letting fans know that her son had hurt his arm while trying to walk.

"Learning to walk is hard business for a 1-year-old," she wrote on a picture posted to her Instagram story.

She later went on to explain what they thought the issue might be.

"We think he might have dislocated his arm. But we're all good now, just sore," Tori added.

Fans of the reality star were eager to send their best wishes to the both Tori and Jackson, sharing their similar experiences and simply sending good thoughts their way. Many also expressed concern about the doctor attempting to "reduce" the nursemaids elbow. Commenters hoped the x-ray to see if the arm was fractured was done prior to trying to 'pop' the elbow back in to place.

Thankfully little Jackson is on the mend and feeling better and hopefully both Tori and Zach find out what caused the injury.

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