Experts Say These Will Be The Top Baby Names For 2028

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If you want to get a head start on your baby names for the next ten years, we’ve got good news for you. There’s a new report that has what experts predict will be the top baby names of 2028. Yes – you read that correctly. We’re not talking about the biggest baby names of 2018, but rather 2028. In other words, we already know what your future son or daughter will be named.

And while some people are still trying to figure out a good name for their baby boy or a baby girl for this year, some baby name experts are already thinking ahead - way ahead! As a matter of fact, they are already thinking about the baby name you will most likely choose 10 years from now, even though you might not even be thinking about your next pregnancy.

Pamela Redmond Satran, editor and founder of Nameberry.com, says that there was a certain rhyme and rhythm to how her team came up with the biggest names that will be on everyone’s minds ten years from now. She told The Today Show in an interview, “We looked at rhythms of the past to predict the future. Names go in and out of style in a somewhat predictable way.”

In other words, Satran’s algorithm combined Social Security data on more than 30,000 names that were used in the United States in the past ten years in popularity patterns. As we all know, one day a name is hot, the next day it’s cold.

So what names should be on your radar? In 2028 the biggest boy names will be Liam, Mateo, Maverick, Noah, Lincoln, Lucas, Henry, Theodore, Jaxon and Oliver.

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Over on the girls’ side, you can expect to see plenty of Charlotte, Amelia, Harper, Emma, Olivia, Evelyn, Mia, Aria, Ava and Sofia at the school yard or playground.

Of course, no one can really look into a crystal ball and predict what the future holds, or at least in the baby name world. But what we can predict is that there will be plenty of cute kids running around in our future, one way or another.

Now, as far as what celebrity baby names will be hot ten years from now, remains to be seen. But with all of the Reigns, Chicagos, Xaviers, and Dreams that have picked up in popularity these days, we can only imagine what our favorite celebrity parents will come up with, too. Our crystal ball predicts Baby Minnesota, Minneola, and even Little Fiji in Hollywood's future!

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