Too Many Moms Got Caught Up With These 20 Parenting Trends From 2018

As soon as it's a whole new year, people start talking about the past year and what it was like. People talk about the best and least watchable TV shows and movies and all of the things that happened in their personal and professional lives. Some people create resolutions and say that they will be a better person, and others just want to keep the good times going and don't want to get too caught up with that. Both things are definitely admirable and totally cool.

Parents are especially interested in the parenting trends of the past twelve months, and for good reason. They always like to know what other moms and dads are doing with their parenting journeys, and it's good to see what trends should be continued and which ones should be let go of. These trends are things that moms notice around them, even if they don't follow them themselves. They see other moms on social media feeding their children certain meals or buying certain baby products, and they hear from their mom friends about other new trends.

What were the top parenting trends in 2018? Let's find out. Here are 20 parenting trends that too moms got caught up in.

20 Bohemian-Style Baby Showers


According to She Knows, throwing a bohemian-style baby shower was a parenting trend in 2018, and this is something that Pinterest said would happen.

It seems like with every passing year, more and more parents get caught up in the whole "trendy and perfect baby shower" thing. There is pressure to conform to these standards and make sure that the shower is beautiful and also worthy of posting on social media. It's hard to keep up with this and makes moms feel like they can't just have a casual and chill baby shower, but honestly, what's wrong with that? There's no reason to plan such a perfectly decorated shower (especially not a bohemian one) unless you really, really want to.

19 Fancier Forts


Did you make a fort when you were a kid? Of course, right? It seems like you can't possibly be a kid without doing this. Back in the day, forts were made of blankets and couches or chairs. They were simple and rustic and that was the entire point. Parents breathed a sigh of relief that they didn't have to buy a fancy new toy or spend any money. Their kids could entertain themselves for hours.

She Knows also said that another parenting trend of 2018 was forts... but fancier forts. This meant that moms were making or buying forts that would stick around longer, and kids were saying goodbye to the old-fashioned ones. This seems like too much. The old-school forts are truly the best.

18 Teething Necklaces

Business Insider

Wild Brain counts teething necklaces among the parenting trends of 2018. These are necklaces that moms wear so their babies can teeth.

According to Business Insider Australia, the FDA says that these aren't a good idea and that they aren't a safe option. The AAP suggests that moms use rubber to create a ring for their baby's teething experience, or that moms do a gum massage with fingers that aren't dirty. Besides the safety aspect, it doesn't really make much sense to wear a teething necklace. Babies have been teething without those since forever and it has been working just fine.

17 Buying Weighted Blankets

Mosaic Weighted Blankets

She Knows says that weighted blankets were another trend from the past year: "Saves for these on Pinterest are up a whopping 259 percent. And no wonder. They’re known to soothe even the fussiest kids to sleep (grown-ups too)."

We've most likely heard about weighted blankets a lot in the past year, and people say that they help you feel calmer and sleep better.

But are they necessary? Probably not... and they're probably not that necessary for kids, either. If moms want to buy a regular quilt or blanket for their kid instead of a fancy weighted one, there's nothing wrong with that.

16 Wall Decals That Can Be Removed


The Daily Mail mentions wall decals that can be removed as a parenting trend that was popular in 2018.

While there are worse things for moms to buy for their kids, of course, this trend could still put too much pressure on moms. It could make them feel like they have to have the best baby room and like they have to buy yet more things. Sometimes motherhood can feel like a competition, and so anything that seems to contribute to that might be best avoided. If you want to use these, then cool, but if you prefer art that comes in frames instead of in the form of a wall decal, then that's great, too.

15 Baby Names Based On Celebrities


In 2018, many moms were inspired by some public figures and celebrities to choose the same baby names that they did.

Sure, picking out baby names can be hard, so we understand finding inspiration anywhere and everywhere. But it seems like too many people are very concerned with what celebrities are doing, and sometimes it's best to just focus on your own life. Why not find a baby name that is meaningful to you and your partner, or if you have a kid, ask them what they think their little brother or sister should be named? There are definitely other ways to pick out baby names.

14 Social Media And Emails For Babies Not Even Born Yet


Pure Wow notes that parents are actually setting up social media and email accounts for their babies. Okay, so that would already be pretty weird, but it gets even stranger: these babies aren't born yet.

As Pure Wow says, "According to The New York Times, scouring email and social media handle availability is actually starting to influence baby name selection since parents want their kids to have their online presence activated immediately after birth. They also want to guarantee that the name they choose comes with a handle not already taken, hence the creative spellings of otherwise common names."

Is this really what's important? Many moms want their kids to spend less time online and on social media and more time playing outside.

13 Even More Technology

S. Mommy

Pure Wow also says that a 2018 parenting trend was getting "tracking devices" so you can see where your kids are.

The idea of adding even more technology into our lives is probably making us feel pretty anxious right now, right? It's not hard to believe that some moms would like having these devices, but the rest of us are thinking that this is just too much. You can definitely feel secure that you know where your children are without using this technology. We should be moving away from using a lot of tech, not adding more and more. This doesn't have the best vibe.

12 Eco-Friendly Clothing


According to Today's Parent, something else that was big in 2018 was eco-friendly clothing for kids.

We totally understand that this is important to some moms and that these are the kinds of products that they wish to purchase. And yet... it seems like there is a lot of pressure on moms to buy a lot of different things all the time, so this is yet another thing that they have to do. And honestly, if it's not super easy to locate environmentally-friendly clothing, then that could make moms feel even worse. Some people have more access to this kind of stuff than others, and no mom should feel bad because she only has a few stores in her small town and can't find anything else.

11 Pom-Poms On Baby Hats And Clothing


Momspresso notes that pom-poms were on hats and clothing for babies in 2018 and we can agree that this was definitely a big trend.

Look, of course pom-poms are super cute, and of course babies look good in this kind of clothing. But it might be pom-pom overload at this point. Buying one of these hats for your little one is totally fine, but buying pom-pom everything is too much and it might be time to buy some other types of clothing. This style trend, like most of them, gets very old fast, and you might get tired of seeing photos of your baby with yet another hat in this style.

10 Staging Very Perfect Maternity And Family Photo Shoots


Healthy Mummy says that maternity and family photo shoots were a huge parenting trend in 2018. It's easy to agree that moms followed this trend.

Many moms would also agree that too many people have done this. Sure, it's nice to have these memories and photos, but staging a perfect and pretty photo shoot might not be on every new mom's top to-do list when she has just taken her baby home from the hospital. And when she's pregnant, she might have a more difficult pregnancy or just want to chill out at home, and having fancy pictures taken might not be her priority then, either.

9 Different Nurseries/Baby Rooms From The Past


Living and Loving says that in 2018, the trend was for nurseries and baby rooms to be more "modern." When we think of a baby's room, don't we think of bright colors and fun toys and stuffed animals?

This puts more pressure on moms to create a perfect nursery, and there is already enough of that to go around. If you want to create a more modern style of nursery, then sure, go for it. If you would prefer to stick to creating a really colorful and enjoyable room, that seems like a good idea, too. The baby's room should be a nice, relaxing place for sure, but it doesn't have to be perfect.

8 Perfect School Lunches


Does the thought of packing your kid's school lunch fill you with nerves? That's totally normal because this can be a tough thing. You not only have to think of foods that won't spoil and can be brought to school but you have to make sure that you're packing something that your child wants to eat.

Packing a perfect lunch was another parenting trend of 2018 that many moms followed, and using Bento Boxes to create lunches was part of it. If you're thinking that's too much for you to deal with and that you would rather pack a sandwich and some veggie sticks and fruit in a lunch box, that's cool. Many moms would agree that a simple kids' lunch is a good one.

7 Wooden Blocks And Toys

Parent 101

According to Red Tricyle, wooden toys were a big thing for moms to buy in 2018.

These are fine and there is something nice and old-school about them that is comforting, and yet there is really nothing wrong with other, more modern toys. There are tons of games and toys that kids get really excited about, and a lot of them are educational so they teach something as well as provide entertainment. It seems confusing to assume that just because a toy is wooden that means it's better, and it also seems silly to assume that modern toys aren't the best thing for kids.

6 Packed Schedules Every Day Of The Week


There are some children who have really packed schedules every day of the week. This is a parenting trend that continued in 2018.

As one parent wrote on Reddit in a thread about the silliest parenting trends, they said,  "Overcrowding their schedules. They have so little down time and since they're used to being rushed from one thing to the next, they never seem to learn to self-direct."

It's tough when kids have such busy schedules because they get tired more often and they do need rest. It's also hard on moms since they have to take their kids to all of their activities and they never get a free moment, either.

5 Matching Family T-Shirts


According to Newsday, many families in 2018 went the matching t-shirt route.

This is definitely adorable, but it might be something that we think is too big of a trend. While it makes for a nice photo op, is that really what parents want to be focusing on? Everyone has such busy lives and families want to be spending quality time together. Some moms might prefer to just hang out at home and play a game instead of designing and ordering matching T-shirts for the whole family, or seeking them out while on a shopping trip or looking them up online. It's not for every mom, that's for sure.

4 Sip-And-See Parties


Newsday also mentioned the popularity of sip and see parties in 2018. These are like a baby shower but the baby is here so you are giving people the chance to meet your little one.

For many moms, this falls into the category of "too much work, time, and effort." These don't seem super necessary because when we think about it, everyone has the chance to meet the baby anyway, right? After you come home from the hospital, you have visitors such as friends and family, and they would never miss that chance to drop by. When you're a new mom, you're exhausted and you're busy adjusting, so you might not want to plan a party.

3 Buying Only Organic Kids' Food

Beyond Organic Baby

Whole Kids talks about organic food for children being a trend, and we can definitely agree that this was still a trend in 2018.

Many moms say that organic isn't worth it, and just as many moms say that they absolutely must buy only organic food and produce for their family. People have different opinions for sure, but when it comes to feeding your family, it's okay to admit that you would rather just buy the produce and food that you can afford. Organic is more expensive and if that's out of the question, there's no reason not to admit that. Your kids will still get nutrients from the meals that you're cooking and the food that you're buying.

2 Too Much DIY

Working Mother

There are crafty moms and then there are moms who don't really want to spend an hour using glue and construction paper to make some kind of sign. It's totally cool to own who you are and not feel like you have to do arts and crafts if that's not your thing. It's not for everyone.

It's true that 2018 was a year when DIY projects were something that many moms did. This is something else that puts pressure on moms and makes them feel like they're not measuring up if they prefer to buy things instead of making them.

1 Putting Everything On Social Media

R. Circus

Healthy Mummy says that one parenting trend of 2018 was moms putting everything about their children on social media. This is perhaps the trend that we have all noticed the most.

This is a tough one because on the one hand, moms want to post sweet photos of their kids and talk about what they have accomplished. And on the other hand, many moms feel that living in the moment and being more present is a good idea.

Let's hope that in 2019, we can share what we want on social media while also staying present, and so we can have the best of both mom worlds.

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